Dating from FSC’s first archived event in June 1993, the FSC Events Archive is a searchable listing of nearly every event we’ve hosted for over 20 years. Looking for resources on Russian film culture? You’ll find over a dozen related events dating back to 1996. Interested in experimental film? The FSC Events Archive includes over 100 experimental works that have appeared on our screens. A search for “silent” will unearth dozens of silent film screenings. “Filmmaker” will bring up over 170 listings, many featuring a visiting artist’s on-site discussion of their work... A few recent highlights from the Events Archive:

Carolee Schneemann’s 2008 screening of Fuses, in which she describes getting around the prohibition on “sexy” films with a psychiatrist’s letter to Stan Brakhage’s lab;

Founder of the Department of Cinema and Media Studies Miriam Hansen’s 2009 lecture Artists and Models (1955): Modernism, Medium-Specificity, and Mayhem;

Laura Mulvey’s 2009 lecture on gender stereotypes and Max Ophuls;

Yuri Norstein’s 2010 live demonstration of his animation technique;

Richard Lerman’s 2012 discussion and experimental sound performance;

Anthony McCall’s 2012 discussion of light and dimension at the exhibition and symposium featuring his work.

20 year anniversary

We’re celebrating! Twenty years ago this fall, the Film Studies Center threaded up its first reel, dimmed the lights, and screened its first film in Cobb 307. Thousands of films and videos later, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary with a new home in the Logan Center for the Arts, a new environmentally sound film vault for the ever-expanding collection, and a renewed enthusiasm for cinema and media studies in an era of expanding technologies.