Grad students in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies are honing their curatorial skills on an array of exciting projects. Supported by the FSC’s Graduate Student Curatorial Program, Michelle Menzies is organizing a rare exhibition and symposium with avant-garde artist Anthony McCall in February. Last month, Adam Hart brought renowned media artist Steve Reinke to the FSC for a retrospective screening of his video work.  And in March, Artemis Willis will be hosting celebrated Russian filmmaker Marina Goldovskaya for a screening of her award-winning film, A Bitter Taste of Freedom.

Since the program was initiated in 2009, six CMS students have taken advantage of the opportunity to develop and present a public event at the FSC:

Christina Petersen, Harold Teen screening, 12/4/09
Laura-Zoe Humphreys, The State and the Digital: Digital Shorts by Young Cuban Filmmakers, 2/25/11 and 4/8/11
Mary Adekoya, Modúpé Tëmi/I Thank God for My Own screening, 3/4/11
Artemis Willis, Forms/Forces: An Evening with Film Artist Rosalind Schneider, 2/18/11
Adam Hart, My Rectum is not a Grave: An Evening with Steve Reinke, 11/4/11
Michelle Menzies, Phenomenologies of Projection, Aesthetics of Transition: Anthony McCall 1970-79, 2001—, 2/24-25/12

In addition to funding, FSC staff provides curatorial guidance and assistance with all aspects of program development, including procurement of film prints, arranging accommodations for guest artists, managing publicity, processing paperwork, etc. The FSC is currently accepting proposals for spring and fall 2012 events.

20 year anniversary

We’re celebrating! Twenty years ago this fall, the Film Studies Center threaded up its first reel, dimmed the lights, and screened its first film in Cobb 307. Thousands of films and videos later, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary with a new home in the Logan Center for the Arts, a new environmentally sound film vault for the ever-expanding collection, and a renewed enthusiasm for cinema and media studies in an era of expanding technologies.

Film Screening Room at the Logan

Donning hard hats and reflective vests, CMS faculty, students and staff explored the new Logan Center for the Arts on a preview tour in mid-March. Though still under construction, the state-of-the-art Film Screening Room and Film Vault are on their way to becoming exceptional resources for the Department of Cinema and Media Studies.  Starting in October, the new facilities will house most CMS courses, public events and media collections. The multi-format screening room is equipped to show everything from film to digital to 3-D in a comfortable, acoustically isolated, 130-seat theater.

Congratulations CMS graduates!

Congratulations to the 13 new recipients of a BA in Cinema and Media Studies! On June 9, the FSC hosted a celebration of the new CMS graduates with family, friends and faculty. The special event featured a screening of excerpts from four creative projects, and presentations of nine written theses. CMS chair Yuri Tsivian, alongside lecturer Judy Hoffman and preceptor Matt Hauske, shared personal anecdotes about working with each student, and shared in the celebration of their accomplishments. The afternoon culminated in a champagne toast in honor of the graduates, and cake for all.