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Animation Show, Volume One, The

various. USA, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Poland, Ireland, Canada, Germany. 1990 - 2003.

Animation Show, Volume One, The
Alternate Title:
Mike Judge And Don Hertzfeldt Present The Animation Show, Volume One
USA, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Poland, Ireland, Canada, Germany
1990 - 2003
DVD - Region 1.   viewing copy.
Compilation.   color and b/w.   sound.  
English, Japanese, Polish, German languages with English subtitles
Animation, Experimental / Avant Garde
Sound. Includes: WELCOME TO THE SHOW (Don Hertzfeldt, USA, 2003); MT. HEAD (ATAMA YAMA) (Koji Yamamura, Japan, 2002, 10 min.); BROTHER (Adam Elliot, Australia, 1999); PARKING (Bill Plympton, USA, 2003); THE ADVENTURES OF RICARDO (Corky Quakenbush, USA, 1996); MOVING ILLUSTRATIONS OF MACHINES (Jeremy Solterbeck, USA, 2000, 10 min.); LA COURSE A L’ABIME (Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland, 1992); BILLY’S BALLOON (Hertzfeld, USA, 1998); COUSIN (Elliot, Australia, 1998); CATHEDRAL (Tomek Baginski, Poland, 2002, 7 min.); INTERMISSION IN THE THIRD DIMENSION (Hertzfeldt, USA, 2003); FIFTY PERCENT GREY (Ruairi Robinson, Ireland, 2001); UNCLE (Elliot, Australia, 1996); EARLY PENCIL TESTS AND OTHER EXPERIMENTS (Mike Judge, USA, circa 1990); ARIA (Pjotr Sapegin, Canada, 2001); BATHTIME IN CLERKENWELL (Alex Budovsky, USA, 2002); THE ROCKS (Chris Stenner and Heidi Wittlinger, Germany, 2001); THE END OF THE SHOW (Hertzfeldt, USA, 2003). Supplemental material includes: audio commentaries by animators Bill Plympton and Corey Quakenbush; deleted pencil test by Mike Judge; special effects commentary and production art galleries by Don Hertzfeldt; MT. HEAD galleries of concept art and character design; CATHEDRAL motion tests, animatics, and production art; THE ROCKS production photo album; LA COURSE A L’ABIME storyboard to scene comparison; plus much more. Extensive program notes and links available at