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Disney Rarities: Celebrated Shorts, 1920s-1960s

various. USA. 1923-1965.

Disney Rarities: Celebrated Shorts, 1920s-1960s
Found on compilation title:
Disney Rarities: Celebrated Shorts, 1920s-1960s
Production Co:
Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Home Entertainment, 2005.
2 videodiscs of 2..   DVD - Region 1.   viewing copy.
Short.   162 minutes.   color.   sound - Dolby digital monaural.   fullscreen
English language.
Closed Captioned
Animation; Children’s Works
A compilation of short films from the Walt Disney company. Includes: ALICE’S WONDERLAND (Walt Disney, 1923, 12 minutes); ALICE’S WILD WEST SHOW (Disney, 1924, 10 minutes); ALICE GETS IN DUTCH (Disney, 1924, 10 minutes); ALICE’S EGG PLANT (Disney, 1925, 9 minutes); ALICE IN THE JUNGLE (Disney, 1925, 7 minutes); ALICE’S MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY (Disney, 1926, 6 minutes); ALICE THE WHALER (Disney, 1927, 6 minutes); FERDINAND THE BULL (Dick Rickard,1938, 8 minutes); CHICKEN LITTLE (Gerry Geronimi, 1943, 8 minutes); THE PELICAN AND THE SNIPE (Hamilton Luske, 1944, 9 minutes); THE BRAVE ENGINEER (Jack Kinney, 1950, 7 minutes); MORRIS, THE MIDGET MOOSE (Jack Hannah, 1950, 8 minutes); LAMBERT THE SHEEPISH LION (Hannah, 1952, 8 minutes); THE LITTLE HOUSE (Wilfred Jackson, 1952, 8 minutes); ADVENTURES IN MUSIC: MELODY (Charles Nichols & Ward Kimbarll, 1953, 10 minutes); FOOTBALL NOW AND THEN (Kinney, 1953, 7 minutes); TOOT, WHISTLE, PLUNK AND BOOM (Nichols & Kimball, 1953, 10 minutes); BEN AND ME (Luske, 1953, 21 minutes); PIGS IS PIGS (Kinney, 1954, 10 minutes); SOCIAL LION (Kinney, 1954, 10 minutes); HOOKED BEAR (Hannah, 1956, 6 minutes); JACK AND OLD MAC (Bill Justice, 1956, 7 minutes); IN THE BAG (Hannah, 1956, 7 minutes); A COWBOY NEEDS A HORSE (Justice, 1956, 7 minutes); THE STORY OF ANYBURG, U.S.A. (Geronimi, 1957, 9 minutes); THE TRUTH ABOUT MOTHER GOOSE (Bill Justice & Wolfgang Reitherman, 1957, 15 minutes); PAUL BUNYA (Les Clark, 1958, 17 minutes); NOAH’S ARK (Justice, 1959, 21 minutes); GOLIATH II (Reitherman, 1960, 15 minutes); THE SAGA OF WINDWAGON SMITH (Nichols, 1961, 13 minutes); A SYMPOSIUM ON POPULAR SONGS (Justice, 1962, 17 minutes); A FEATHER IN HIS COLLAR (unknown director, 1965, 2 minutes). Supplemental materials: “Alice’s Cartoon World: An Interview with Virginia Davis”; “From Kansas City to Hollywood: A Timeline of Disney’s Silent Era, 1923-1928” featurette; audio commentary for A SYMPOSIUM OF POPULAR SONGS; art galleries; informational booklet.