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Vitaphone Shorts: A 70th Anniversary Celebration

various. USA. 1926 - 194?.

Vitaphone Shorts: A 70th Anniversary Celebration
1926 - 194?
laserdisc.   viewing copy.
Compilation.   b/w.  
With Songs, Comedy
Sound. Contains: A PLANTATION ACT (with Al Jolson, 1926, 10 min.); BABY ROSE MARIE - THE CHILD WONDER (1929, 8 min.); THE JAZZMANIA QUINTET; THE BAND BEAUTIFUL (1928, 9 min.); GREEN'S TWENTIETH CENTURY FAYDETTS; HARLEM - MANIA (1929); BLOSSOM SEELEY AND BENNY FIELDS (1929, 10 min.); CRYIN' FOR THE CAROLINES (1930); GUS ARNHEIM AND THE AMBASSADOR HOTEL ORCHESTRA; LAMBCHOPS (with George Burns and Gracie Allen, 1929, 8 min.); HAZEL GREEN AND COMPANY; THE OPRY HOUSE (1929, 9 min.); GUS ARNHEIM & HIS AMBASSADORS (1928); ALL GIRL REVUE (with June Allyson, 1940, 8 min.); HARRY RESER & HIS ESKIMOS (Roy Mack, 1936, 9 min.); FRANCES CARROLL & THE COQUETTES (Mack, 1940, 10 min.); LITTLE JACK LITTLE & ORCHESTRA (Joseph Henabery, 11 min.); HOME RUN ON THE KEYS (with Babe Ruth and Zez Confrey, Mack, 1936); RHYTHMS; RAMBLING ROUND RADIO ROW (3 shorts); SIX HITS AND A MISS (1945); OFF THE RECORD with B.A. WOLFE; RAY KINNEY & HIS ROYAL HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA (Mack, 1938, 11 min.); SURPRISE! (Mack, 1935); THE LADY AND THE LUG (with Elsa Maxwell and Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom, dir. William C. McGann, 19 min.); 20,000 CHEERS FOR THE CHAIN GANG (Mack, 20 min.); PHIL SPITALNY & HIS MUSICAL QUEENS (Henabery, 1934, 11 min.); THE ROYAL RODEO (George Amy, 1939, 15 min.); QUIET PLEASE; ALL STAR VAUDEVILLE; BUZZIN' AROUND (with Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, dir. Alfred J. Goulding, 1933, 20 min.); THE OLD GREY MAYOR (with Bob Hope, dir. Lloyd French, 1935, 20 min.); SEEING RED (with Red Skelton, dir. Mack, 1939); A SMALL TOWN IDOL (Erle C. Kenton and Mack Sennett); HAPPY TIMES AND JOLLY MOMENTS (James Bloodworth, 1943, 18 min.); HAPPY FACES; DU BARRY DID ALL RIGHT (Henabery, 1937, 22 min.); SOFT DRINKS AND SWEET MUSIC (Mack, 1934, 22 min.); SMOKED HAMS (French, 1934, 19 min.); MOVIE - MANIA (Henabery, 1937); VAUDEVILLE (with Herb Williams); VAUDEVILLE (with Buster Shaver--Olive & George).