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Nederlands Filmmuseum: General Nonfiction Films

various. France, United Kingdom, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Italy. 1910 - 1930?.

Nederlands Filmmuseum: General Nonfiction Films
France, United Kingdom, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Italy
1910 - 1930?
1/2", VHS, PAL.   viewing copy.
Compilation.   155 minutes.   b/w & color.  
Documentary, Early Cinema
Silent. Contains: BITS & PIECES (various, 1915-1930?, 14 min.); FIRE AT THE BRUSSELS EXPOSITION (Gaumont, France, 1910, 13 min.); THE GRAND NATIONAL (Barker, Great Britain, 1911, 8 min.); A FIGHT BETWEEN WILD ANIMALS (Kalem, United States, c. 1912, 4 min.); ROCKS AND WAVES (Gaumont, France, 1911?, 3 min.); WILDFLOWERS (Gaumont, France, c. 1912, 3 min.); ATHLETES OF THE MILITARY SCHOOL OF JOINVILLE-LE-POINT (Pathé, France, 1917, 6 min.); JACK JOHNSON, THE WORLD’S CHAMPION BOXER (Kineto Ltd., Great Britain, 1912?, 5 min.); HARVESTING COCONUTS IN AMERICA (Selig, United States, 1912?, 3 min.); PICTURESQUE ROCKS OF BAUME-LES-MESSIEURS (Eclipse, France, 1913, 15 min.); HOLLAND IN ICE (Willy Mullens, The Netherlands, 1917, 14 min.); BEAR HUNTING IN THE POLAR REGIONS (Pathé, France, 1910, 5 min.); FEEDING THE SNAKES (Komet-Film-Compagnie, Germany, 1911, 3 min.); THE WATER-BEETLE (Eclair, France, 1912, 7 min.); THE CULTIVATION OF SILKWORMS (Gaumont, France, 1912?, 8 min.); AN EXHIBITION OF CHILDREN (Aquila-Film, Italy, 1909, 4 min.); A FAMILY OF DOGS (Gaumont, France, 1912?, 5 min.); PANORAMA OF RUSSIA, THE CASPIAN SEA (Gaumont, France, 1912?, 3 min.); ZEPPELIN ATTACK ON ENGLAND (Edmund Hubert, Germany, 1914-1915, 12 min.); WARTIME LONDON (Great Britain, 1917, 7 min.); SERBIA AND POLAND AFTER WORLD WAR I (France?, 1920?, 13 min.). PAL broadcast format videotape; can be viewed only in tri-standard viewing stations. Supplemental materials are available at the desk for this videotape.