Film Screening

A Conversation with Masaki Tamura and Tom Gunning, and a screening of Himatsuri
Friday, February 26, 1999 - 6:30pm
with live accompaniment by organist Dennis James & Filmharmonia
Monday, January 18, 1999 - 8:00pm
with filmmaker Ernie Gehr
Friday, December 4, 1998 - 4:00pm
with filmmaker Lewis Klahr
Thursday, May 21, 1998 (All day)
Dr. Paolo Cherchi Usai, Senior Curator of Film at the George Eastman House
Friday, February 20, 1998 - 3:00pm
with Jeff Ruoff (Reed College)
Thursday, January 29, 1998 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Introductions by Daan Hertogs and Nico de Klerk of the Netherlands Filmmuseum.
Saturday, November 22, 1997 (All day)