The Film Studies Center viewing rooms and circulation desk remain closed but we are making an effort to provide materials to instructors and researchers.  If you have had access to the FSC collection in the past, please contact us to set up remote checkout.  Patrons may check out items by appointment.
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We Tell: 50 Years of Participatory Community Media

This six-screening series assembles activist grassroots documentaries made by oppositional groups in the United States for more than 50 years. Curated by Louis Massiah of the Scribe Video Center and Patricia Zimmermann of Ithaca College, the series offers an essential history of the individual voices that embody and constitute “we the people.” Exploring salient topics of collective documentary practice, each program features a diversity of voices across historical time periods and geographic locations throughout the United States.

The FSC: Reloaded

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Welcome to the Next Generation of the Film Studies Center website. We've taken the summer to put a fresh coat of code on the site and think you'll be pleased with the results. Our event listings are bigger and better and we've made it easier than ever to get tickets for a screening. Just look for the green "Get tickets" link on any upcoming event page.