The FSC: Reloaded

Prepare for reprogramming.

Welcome to the Next Generation of the Film Studies Center website. We've taken the summer to put a fresh coat of code on the site and think you'll be pleased with the results. Our event listings are bigger and better and we've made it easier than ever to get tickets for a screening. Just look for the green "Get tickets" link on any upcoming event page.

We've also used "Mobile First" design principles to rethink every page of the site, making for a great experience on everything from your smart-watch to your 30" monitor. Text is clearer, images are bigger, and we've even got some animated gifs (click the image on the Confluence event page). Our Event Archive still has every screening we've done since 1993, and our Catalog Search results have a great new mobile view, so go check them out.

We hope you'll enjoy our shiny new site, and feel free to let us know what you think at our Contact page.