Access and Loan Policy

Use of the Center and its collections is limited to enrolled students, faculty and staff of the University of Chicago and approved researchers.

Guidelines for using the study collection

The FSC's study collection is intended for use in classroom instruction and individual study.  Most patrons are required to watch films on-site in the FSC's viewing room but off-site loans are made to faculty and lecturers teaching in the university.   FSC materials are circulated with the intention that they only be used for curricular or institutional research purposes.  By loaning materials the FSC does not give or imply permission for public presentation.

Access for Faculty, Students, & Staff

  • Sign up in person at the Center in Cobb Hall 306.
  • Patrons must present valid UC ID and sign a policy form before checking out materials.  Registration must be renewed annually.
  • Patrons are assigned borrowing privileges according to their university status as outlined below.

Access for Researchers

  • Researchers from other institutions wishing to access the FSC study collection may contact the Assistant Director by email.  Access requests should include a brief description of the research project, proposed study dates, and the researcher's institutional affiliation.

Please note that catalog titles marked ON RESERVE are available for use ONLY within the FSC facility.

If you are: Access to the study collection is:
Undergraduate student on site only
Graduate student on site only
Staff on site only
UC Lecturer 24 hours off site
UC Faculty 24 hours off site
Faculty teaching in FSC 1 week off site
CMS Phd candidates 1 week off site
Researcher on site only

Print Loans

Film print loans are made on a case by case basis to festivals, museums, archives, and other eligible cultural organizations. Borrowers must be able to demonstrate a history of adherence to professional standards in projection and film handling practices.  The requesting organization will be asked to complete a venue report and formal loan request as well as provide proof of insurance.  Submit initial loan requests 6 weeks in advance of the screening date by email to the Assistant Director.