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Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Vol. 2

Avery, Tex. USA. .

Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Vol. 2
Avery, Tex
4 videodiscs of 4.   DVD - Region 1.   viewing copy.
Compilation.   color.   sound.   fullscreen
Disc One, “Bugs Bunny Masterpieces”: Includes: THE BIG SNOOZE (Bob Clampett, 1946); BROOMSTICK BUNNY (Chuck Jones, 1956); BUGS BUNNY RIDES AGAIN (Friz Freleng, 1948); BUNNY HUGGED (Jones, 1951); FRENCH RAREBIT (Robert McKimson, 1951); GORILLA MY DREAMS (McKimson, 1948); THE HARE-BRAINED HYPNOTIST (Freleng, 1942); HARE CONDITIONED (Jones, 1945); THE HECKLING HARE (Tex Avery, 1941); LITTLE RED RIDING RABBIT (1943); TORTOISE BEATS HARE (Avery, 1941); RABBIT TRANSIT (Freleng, 1947); SLICK HARE (Freleng, 1947); BABY BUGGY BUNNY (Jones, 1954); HYDE AND HARE (Freleng, 1955). Supplemental material includes: commentary and music/effects-only tracks; tv special BUGS BUNNY’S LOONEY TUNES ALL-STAR 50TH ANNIVERSARY PART 1; featurette A CONVERSATION WITH TEX AVERY; material from THE BUGS BUNNY SHOW includes DO OR DIET and THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE SLOW BUSINESS. Disc Two, “Road Runner and Friends”: Cartoons directed by Chuck Jones. Includes: BEEP BEEP (1952); GOING! GOING! GOSH! (1952); ZIPPING ALONG (1953); STOP! LOOK! AND HASTEN! (1954); READY, SET, ZOOM (1955); GUIDED MUSCLE (1955); GEE WHIZ-Z-Z (1956); THERE THEY GO-GO-GO (1956); SCRAMBLED ACHES (1957); ZOOM AND BORED (1957); WHOA, BE-GONE! (1958); CHEESE CHASERS (1951); THE DOVER BOYS (1942); MOUSE WRECKERS (1949); A BEAR FOR PUNISHMENT (1951). Supplemental material includes: commentary and music-only audio tracks; TV pilot THE ADVENTURES OF THE ROAD RUNNER (Jones, 1961?); featurette CRASH! BANG! BOOM!: THE WILD SOUNDS OF TREG BROWN; opening sequence from THE BUGS BUNNY/ROAD RUNNER SHOW. Disc Three, “Tweety & Sylvester and Friends”: Includes: BAD OL’ PUTTY TAT (Freleng, 1949); ALL ABIR-R-R-D (Freleng, 1950); ROOM AND BIRD (Freleng, 1951); TWEET TWEET TWEETY (Freleng, 1951); GIFT WRAPPED (Freleng, 1952); AIN’T SHE TWEET (Freleng, 1952); A BIRD IN A GUILTY CAGE (Freleng, 1952); SNOW BUSINESS (Freleng, 1953); TWEETIE PIE (Freleng, 1947); KITTY KORNERED (Clampett, 1946); BABY BOTTLENECK (Clampett, 1946); OLD GLORY (Jones, 1939); THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY (Clampett, 1946); DUCK SOUP TO NUTS (Freleng, 1944); PORKY IN WACKYLAND (Clampett, 1938). Supplemental material includes: commentary and music/effects-only audio tracks; BUGS BUNNY’S LOONEY TUNES ALL-STAR 50TH ANNIVERSARY PART 2; featurette MAN FROM WACKYLAND: THE ART OF BOB CLAMPETT; opening sequences from THE PORKY PIG SHOW and THE BUGS BUNNY AND TWEETY SHOW; DAFFY DUCK FOR PRESIDENT. Disc Four, “Looney Tunes All Stars: On Stage and Screen”: Includes: BACK ALLEY OPROAR (Freleng, 1948); BOOK REVUE (Clampett, 1946); A CORNY CONCERTO (Clampett, 1943); HAVE YOU GOT ANY CASTLES? (Frank Tashlin, 1938); HOLLYWOOD STEPS OUT (Avery, 1941); I LOVE TO SINGA (Avery, 1936); KATNIP KOLLEGE (Ben Hardaway and Cal Dalton, 1938); THE HEP CAT (Clampett, 1942); THE THREE LITTLE BOPS (Freleng, 1957); ONE FROGGY EVENING; RHAPSODY RABBIT (Freleng, 1946); SHOW BIZ BUGS (Freleng, 1957); STAGE DOOR CARTOON (Freleng, 1944); WHAT’S OPERA, DOC (Jones, 1957); YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES (Freleng, 1940). Supplemental material includes: commentary and music/voice-only audio tracks. Featurettes: LOONEY TUNES GOES HOLLYWOOD; IT HOPPED ONE NIGHT: THE STORY BEHIND ONE FROGGY EVENING; WAGNERIAN WABBIT: THE MAKING OF WHAT’S OPERA, DOC?. Rareties: ORANGE BLOSSOMS FOR VIOLET; SINKIN’ IN THE BATHTUB (Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising, 1930); SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE.