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Edison: The Invention of The Movies


Kino, 2005

DVD - Region 1.   viewing copy.   4 videodiscs of 4.
color and b/w.   fullscreen.   sound.  
Silent with musical accompaniment. Four discs. Supplemental material includes: two hours of video interviews with archivists and cinema scolars; stills gallery of more than 200 documents from MoMA’s Edison Collection; detailed film notes by Charles Musser. Series curated by Steven Higgens and Charles Musser. Disc One, 1891-1903: 1889-1891: Early Edison Camera Tests (Monkeyshines, no. 1; Dickson Greeting; Newark Athlete (with Indian Clubs); Men Boxing) 1893: blacksmithing scene; the barber shop 1894: edison kinetoscopic record of a sneeze; athlete with wand; sandow; carmencita; boxing cats; caicedo with pole; annabelle butterfly dance; cockfight, no. 2; corbett and courtney before the kinetograph; sioux ghost dance; buffalo dance; the hornbacker-murphy fight; hadj cheriff, arab knife juggler; glenroy bros., no. 2; louis martinetti, contortionist; bucking broncho; annie oakley; imPerial japanese dance; robetta and doretto, chinese laundry scene; band drill; fire rescue 1895: billy edwards and the unknown; dickson experimental sound film; princess ali, egyptian dance; annabelle serpentine dance; the execution of mary, queen of scots 1896: amy muller; the john c. rice - may irwin kiss; shooting the chutes; fatima, muscle dancer (original and censored versions); mess call; inventor edison sketched by world artist; watermelon eating contest; the lone fisherman; interrupted lovers; feeding the doves; a morning bath; the burning stable; mounted police charge; mckinley parade; going to the fire; a morning alarm; black diamond express; american falls from above, american side; the first sleigh ride; the morning alarm 1897: mr. edison at work in his chemical factory; return of lifeboat 1898: troop ships for the philippines; u.s. troops landing at daiquiri, cuba; the burglar on the roof 1899: firemen rescuing men and women; a wringing good joke; gold rush scenes in the klondike 1900: searching ruins on broadway for dead bodies, galveston; the kiss; capture of boer battery by british; a storm at sea 1901: old maid having her picture taken; high diving scene; photographing a country couple; what happened on twenty-third street, new york city; pan-american exposition by night; trapeze disrobing act 1902: the burning of durland’s riding academy; jack and the beanstalk 1903: electrocuting an elephant; the life of an american fireman; egyptian fakir with dancing monkey; a scrap in black and white; uncle tom’s cabin; the gay shoe clerk; turning the tables; what happened in the tunnel; the great train robbery. Disc Two, 1904-1907: 1904: EUROPEAN REST CURE; HOW A FRENCH NOBLEMAN GOT A WIFE THROUGH THE NEW YORK HERALD PERSONAL COLUMNS; THE STRENUOUS LIFE, OR, ANTI-RACE SUICIDE; THE EX-CONVICT 1905: THE KLEPTO-MANIAC; THE SEVEN AGES; THE WHOLE DAM FAMILY AND THE DAM DOG; CONEY ISLAND AT NIGHT; THE LITTLE TRAIN ROBBERY; THE WHITE CAPS; THE MILLER’S DAUGHTER; TRAIN WRECKERS; LIFE OF AN AMERICAN POLICEMAN; POLICE CHASING SCORCHING AUTO 1906: THE DREAM OF A RAREBIT FIEND; THREE AMERICAN BEAUTIES; FILMS OF THE SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE; THE TERRIBLE KIDS; KATHLEEN MAVOURNEEN; GETTING EVIDENCE 1907: THE “TEDDY” BEARS Disc Three, 1907-1913: 1907: COHEN’S FIRE SALE; THE RIVALS; THE TRAINER’S DAUGHTER, OR, A RACE FOR LOVE; COLLEGE CHUMS; LAUGHING GAS; A LITTLE GIRL WHO DID NOT BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS 1908: A SUBURBANITE’S INGENIOUS ALARM; RESCUED FROM AN EAGLE’S NEST; FIRESIDE REMINISCENCES; CUPID’S PRANKS; TALE THE AUTUMN LEAVES TOLD (FRAGMENT) 1909: THE HOUSE OF CARDS 1910: NEW YORK OF TODAY; HOW BUMPTIOUS PAPERED THE PARLOR 1912: THIRTY DAYS AT HARD LABOR; THE PASSER-BY; THE TOTVILLE EYE; THE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CARE OF INFANTS 1913: AN UNSULLIED SHIELD Disc Four, 1913-1918: 1913: AT BEAR TRACK GULCH; THE AMBASSADOR’S DAUGHTER; A SERENADE BY PROXY; ALL ON ACCOUNT OF A TRANSFER 1914: ONE TOUCH OF NATURE; THE ADVENTURE OF THE HASTY ELOPEMENT 1915: THE WONDERS OF MAGNETISM; BLACK EYES; THE LONE GAME 1918: THE UNBELIEVER


+ Blacksmithing Scene

+ Barber Shop, The

+ Edison Kinetoscope Record Of A Sneeze

+ Athlete With Wand

+ Eugene Sandow

+ Carmencita

+ Boxing Cats, The

+ Caicedo With Pole

+ Annabelle Butterfly Dance

+ Cockfight, No. 2

+ Corbett And Courtney Before The Kinetograph

+ Sioux Ghost Dance

+ Buffalo Dance

+ Hornbacker-Murphy Fight, the

+ Hadj Cheriff

+ Arab Knife Juggler

+ Glenroy Bros., No. 2

+ Louis Martinetti, Contortionist

+ Bucking Broncho

+ Annie Oakley

+ Imperial Japanese Dance

+ Robetta And Doretto [No. 2]

+ Chinese Laundry Scene

+ Band Drill

+ Fire Rescue Scene

+ Billy Edwards And The Unknown

+ Dickson Experimental Sound Film

+ Princess Ali

+ Egyptian Dance

+ Annabelle Serpentine Dance

+ Execution Of Mary, Queen Of Scots

+ Amy Muller

+ John C. Rice - May Irwin Kiss, The

+ Shooting The Chutes

+ Fatima, Muscle Dancer (Original And Censored Versions)

+ Mess Call

+ Inventor Edison Sketched By World Artist

+ Watermelon Eating Contest

+ Lone Fisherman, The

+ Interrupted Lovers

+ Feeding The Doves

+ Morning Bath, A

+ Burning Stable

+ Mounted Police Charge

+ McKinley Parade

+ Going To The Fire

+ First Sleigh Ride, The

+ Morning Alarm, The

+ Mr. Edison At Work In His Chemical Factory

+ Return Of Lifeboat

+ Troop Ships For The Phillippines

+ U. S. Troops Landing At Daiquiri, Cuba

+ Burglar On The Roof, The

+ Firemen Rescuing Men And Women

+ Wringing Good Joke, A

+ Gold Rush Scenes In The Klondike

+ Searching Ruins On Broadway For Dead Bodies, Galveston

+ Kiss, The

+ Capture Of Boer Battery By British

+ Storm At Sea, A

+ Old Maid Having Her Picture Taken

+ High Diving Scene

+ Photographing A Country Couple

+ What Happened On 23rd Street, New York City

+ Early Edison Camera Tests

+ Pan-American Exposition By Night

+ Trapeze Disrobing Act

+ Burning Of Durland’s Riding Academy, The

+ Jack And The Beanstalk

+ Electrocuting An Elephant

+ Life Of an American Fireman, The

+ Egyptian Fakir With Dancing Monkey

+ Scrap In Black And White, A

+ Uncle Tom’s Cabin

+ Gay Shoe Clerk, The

+ Turning The Tables

+ What Happened In The Tunnel

+ Great Train Robbery, The

+ European Rest Cure

+ How A French Nobleman Got A Wife Through The New York Herald Personal Columns

+ Strenuous Life, Or, Anti-Race Suicide, The

+ Ex-Convict, The

+ Kleptomaniac, The

+ Seven Ages, the

+ Whole Dam Family And The Dam Dog, The

+ Coney Island At Night

+ Little Train Robbery, The

+ White Caps, The

+ Miller’s Daughter, The

+ Train Wreckers

+ Life Of An American Policeman

+ Police Chasing Scorching Auto

+ Dream Of A Rarebit Fiend, The

+ Three American Beauties

+ Films Of The San Francisco Earthquake

+ Terrible Kids, The

+ Kathleen Mavourneen

+ Getting Evidence

+ Teddy Bears, The

+ Cohen’s Fire Sale

+ Rivals, The

+ Trainer’s Daughter, Or, A Race For Love, The

+ College Chums

+ Laughing Gas

+ Little Girl Who Did Not Believe In Santa Claus, A

+ Suburbanite’s Ingenious Alarm, A

+ Rescued From An Eagle’s Nest

+ Fireside Reminiscences

+ Cupid’s Pranks

+ Tale The Autumn Leaves Told (Fragment)

+ House Of Cards, The

+ New York Of Today

+ How Bumptious Papered The Parlor

+ Thirty Days At Hard Labor

+ Passer-By, The

+ Totville Eye, The

+ Public And Private Care Of Infants, The

+ Unsullied Shield, An

+ At Bear Track Gulch

+ Ambassador’s Daughter, The

+ Serenade By Proxy, A

+ All On Account Of A Transfer

+ One Touch Of Nature

+ Adventure Of The Hasty Elopement, The

+ Wonders Of Magnetism, The

+ Black Eyes

+ Lone Game, The

+ Unbeliever, The