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Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1894-1941, Disc 4, Inverted Narratives: New Directions In Storytelling


Anthology Film Archives, distributed by Image Entertainment, 2005

DVD - Region 1.   viewing copy.   1 videodisc of 1.
b/w.   fullscreen.   sound.  
Supplemental features accessible with DVD-ROM drive. Includes: THE HOUSE WITH CLOSED SHUTTERS (D. W. Griffith, 1910, b/w, with music, 16 min.); SUSPENSE (Lois Weber and Phillips Smalley, 1913, b/w, with music, 10 min.); MOONLAND (Neil McGuire and William A. O’Connor, 1923-26, b/w, with music 11 min.); LULLABY (Boris Deutsch, 1929, b/w, with music, 14 min.); THE BRID0BLACK DAWN (Josef Berne, 1933, b/w, sound, 15 min.); NATIVE LAND [EXCERPT] (Leo Hurwitz and Paul Strand, 1937-41, b/w, sound, 13 min.); THE WORLD TODAY: BLACK LEGION (Nykino, 1936-37, b/w, sound, 6 min.); EVEN AS YOU AND I (Roger Barlow, Harry Hay, and Le Roy Robbins; 1937, b/w, with music, 12 min.); OBJECT LESSON (Christopher Young, 1941, b/w, sound, 10 min.); “SREDNI VASHTAR” BY SAKI (David Bradley, 1940-43, b/w, sound, 12 min.).


+ House With Closed Shutters, The

+ Suspense

+ Moonland

+ Lullaby

+ Bridge, The

+ Little Geezer

+ Black Dawn

+ Native Land [EXCERPT]

+ World Today: Black Legion, The

+ Even As You And I

+ Object Lesson

+ Sredni Vashtar