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Animated Soviet Propaganda: From The October Revolution To Perestroika

various. USSR. 2006.

Animated Soviet Propaganda: From The October Revolution To Perestroika
Films by Jove, 2007.
4 videodiscs of 4..   DVD - Region 1.   viewing copy.
Compilation.   430 minutes.   color and b/w.   sound.   fullscreen
English and Russian languages with English subtitles
Animation; Documentary
Sound and silent with musical accompaniment. In English and Russian with English subtitles. A compilation of animated Soviet propaganda films spanning from 1924-1984. Each disc includes short “film overview” documentary written and directed by Joan Borsten, featuring interviews with scholars and filmmakers. Disc 1, “American Imperialists” : BLACK & WHITE (I. Ivanov-Vano & L. Amalrik, 1933, 2:27 minutes); MISTER TWISTER (A. Karanovitch, 1963, 15:33 minutes); SOMEONE ELSE’S VOICE (I. Ivanov-Vano, 1949, 9:23 minutes); AVE MARIA (I. Ivanov-Vano, 1972, 9:34 minutes); THE MILLIONAIRE (V. Bordzilovsky & Y. Prytkov, 1963, 9:57 minutes); SHOOTING RANGE (V. Tarasov, 1979, 19:14 minutes); MR. WOLF (V. Gromov, 1949, 10:04 minutes). Commentators on “Film Overview” include Igor Kokarev, Vladimir Tarasov, Dr. Sofia Marshak. Disc 2, “Fascist Barbarians”: KINO-CIRCUS (L. Amalrik & O. Khodataeva, 1942, 3:34 minutes); FASCIST BOOTS ON OUR HOMELAND (A. Ivanov & I. Vano, 1941, 2:41 minutes); THE VULTURES (P. Sasanov, 1941, 2:11 minutes); TO YOU, MOSCOW (G. Lomidze, 1947, 17:33 minutes); THE ADVENTURES OF THE YOUNG PIONEERS (V. Pekar, 1971, 17:34 minutes); THE PIONEER’S VIOLIN (B. Stepantsev, 1971, 7:45 minutes); VASILYOK (S. Aristakesova, 1973, 9:40 minutes); A LESSON NOT LEARNED (V. Karavaev, 1971, 5:13 minutes); ATTENTION! WOLVES! (Y. Gamburg, 1970, 16:53 minutes); TALE OF A TOY (B. Ablinin, 1984, 9:12 minutes); WE CAN DO IT (L. Atamanov, 1970, 9:24 minutes); Excerpt: THE SOLDIER AND THE GARDEN (S. Sokolov, 1980); Excerpt: WE’RE DRAWING OCTOBER (Y. Gamburg & O. Zaher, 1977); “Newsreels #1-4 (V. Brumberg, Z. Brumberg, A. Ivanov, O. Khodataeva & I. Ivanov-Vano, 1941, 8:11 minutes): “WHAT HITLER WANTS”, “BEAT THE FASCIST PIRATES”, “STRIKE THE ENEMY ON THE FRONT LINES AND AT HOME”, “A MIGHTY HANDSHAKE”. Commentators include Igor Kokarev, Vladimir Paperny, Oleg Vidov. Disc 3, “Capitalist Sharks”: INTERPLANETARY REVOLUTION (N. Khodataev, Z. Komisarenko & Y. Merkulov, 1924, 7:47 minutes); WE’LL KEEP OUR EYES PEELED (N. Khodataev group, 1927, 2:42 minutes); THE SHAREHOLDER (R. Davidov, 1963, 23:31 minutes); PROUD LITTLE SHIP (V. Bordzilovsky, 1966, 17:59 minutes); PROPHETS AND LESSONS (V. Kotonochkin, 1967, 9:32 minutes); CHINA IN FLAMES (N. Khodataev, Y. Merkulov & Z. Komisarenko, 1925, 37:14 minutes). Commentators include Igor Kokarev and Fyodor Khitruk. Disc 4, “Onward to the Shining Future: Communism”: FORWARD MARCH, TIME! (V. Tarasov, 1977, 17:47 minutes); SOVIET TOYS (D. Vertov, 1924, 10:44 minutes); SAMOYED BOY (V. Brumberg, Z. Brumberg, N. Khodataev & O. Khodataeva, 1928, 7:02 minutes); THE MUSIC BOX (N. Khodataev, 1933, 20:18 minutes); LENIN’S KINO PRAVDA (D. Vertov (?), 1924, 0:53 minutes); RESULTS OF THE XII PARTY CONGRESS OF COOPERATION (director unknown, circa 1925, 3:51 minutes); VICTORIOUS DESTINATION (L. Amalrik, D. Babichenko & V. Pokolnikov, 1939, 6:15 minutes); WAR CHRONICLES (D. Babichenko, 1939, 8:59 minutes); A HOT STONE (P. Sarkissian, 1965, 16:37 minutes); SONGS OF THE YEARS OF FIRE (I. Kovalevskaya, 1971, 16:51 minutes); PLUS ELECTRIFICATION (I. Aksenchuk, 1972, 8:58 minutes). Commentators include Igor Kokarev, Fyodor Khitruk, Vladimir Tarasov, Boris Yefimov. Supplemental materials include booklet with essay by Igor Kokarev.