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Those Who Can’t: Films By CMS Students And Faculty


In house transfer, 2007.

DVD - Region free.   viewing copy.   1 videodisc of 1..
color and b/w.   fullscreen.   sound.  
Sound. In English and Spanish with English subtitles. Includes: WAITING FOR GODARD (Excerpt) (Keith Skretch, 2005), featuring Tom Gunning; AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2000), featuring Tom Gunning; LEAVING LAS VEGAS (1995); YEAR OF THE SNAKE (Shannon Foskett); KOCHU KOCHU SANTHOSHANGAL (2000), featuring Julie Turnock; PRE-TEXTO EN CON-TEXTO (Mara Fortes,); THERE’S SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON... (Mara Fortes); DON LENNON, featuring Diane Lewis; LIFE LOVELY MOCK’D (Christina Petersen, 2001); INSPIRATION: TALES OF LOVE AND RETRIBUTION IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA, featuring Adrienne Seely; EN EL CAMINO (Mara Fortes); ENSAYO PARA MANIPULAR (Mara Fortes); TACHISTOSCOPULAR LUCUBRATIONS (Ivan Ross); DIRTY LAUNDRY (Traci Reeves); BREAKING AND ENTERING (Ariel Rogers & Anthony Kaufman).


+ Waiting for Godard [Excerpt]

+ American Nightmare [Excerpt]

+ Leaving Las Vegas (Excerpt)

+ Year of the Snake

+ Pre-Texto En Con-texto

+ There’s Something Fishy Going On...

+ Don Lennon

+ Life Lively Mock’d

+ Inspiration: Tales Of Love And Retribution In Northern Virginia

+ En El Camino

+ Ensayo Para Manipular

+ Tachistoscopular Lucubrations

+ Dirty Laundry

+ Breaking And Entering