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More Treasures From American Film Archives: 1894-1931, Program 3

Dickson, W. K. L.; White, James; Porter, Edwin S.; Bitzer, G. W.; Blaché, Alice Guy; Horne, James W.; De Forest, Lee; Fleischer, Dave; Lubitsch, Ernst; Russak, Sam; Hurston, Zora Neale; Craft, William; Messinger, Frank; Marchant, Jay; Tuttle, Frank; Brenon, Herbert; Waters, John

National Film Preservation Foundation, 2004

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Program notes available; inquire with desk attendant. Most films also accompanied by optional audio commentary. Includes: RIP VAN WINKLE (W. K. L Dickson, 1896, 4 min.); MR. EDISON AT WORK IN HIS CHEMICAL LABORATORY (James White, 1897, 30 sec.); LIFE OF AN AMERICAN FIREMAN (Edwin S. Porter, 1903, 6 min.); WESTINHOUSE WORKS [3 films] (G.W. Bitzer, 1904, 6 min.); FALLING LEAVES (Alice Guy Blaché, 1912, 12 min.); HANDS UP - A CYCLONIC WESTERN SERIAL(exhibitors’ reel, James W. Horne, 1918, 7 min.); excerpt from C-V NEWS filming of GREED (Vanderbilt Newspapers Inc., 1923, 4 min.); MOVIE LOVERS’ CONTEST #4 (Photoplay Inc., 1926, 3 min.); A FEW MOMENTS WITH EDDIE CANTOR (Lee De Forest, 1923, 7 min.); PRESIDENT COOLIDGE, TAKEN ON THE WHITE HOUSE GROUNDS (De Forest, 1924, 4 min.); INKLINGS, ISSUE 12 (Dave Fleischer, 1925, 6 min.); LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN (Ernst Lubitsch, 1925, 89 min.); COCKEYED: GEMS FROM THE MEMORY OF A NUTTY CAMERAMAN (Pathé Exchange Inc., 1925, 3 min.); THE PASSAIC TEXTILE STRIKE [prologue] (Sam Russak and others, 1926, 18 min.); TRAMP, TRAMP, TRAMP (Dave Fleischer, 1926, 4 min.); ZORA NEALE HURSTON’S FIELDWORK FOOTAGE [excerpt] (Zora Neale Hurston, 1928, 7 min.). Trailers for lost films: IN THE DAYS OF DANIEL BOONE [trailer] (William Craft, Frank Messinger, Jay Marchant; 1923; 90 sec.); THE SILENT FLYER [trailer] (Craft, 1926, 90 sec.); THE AMERICAN VENUS [trailer] (Frank Tuttle, 1926, 2 min.); THE GREAT GATSBY [trailer] (Herbert Brenon, 1926, 1 min.); BEAU SABREUR [trailer] (John Waters, 1928, 1 min.); THE PATRIOT [trailer] (Ernst Lubitsch, 1928, 3 min.).


+ Rip Van Winkle

+ Mr. Edison at Work in his Chemical Library

+ Life of an American Fireman

+ Westinghouse Works

+ Falling Leaves

+ Hands Up - A Cyclonic Western Serial

+ C-V News [Filming GREED in Death Valley] [Excerpt]

+ Movie Lovers’ Contest #4

+ Few Moments with Eddie Cantor, A

+ CALvin Coolidge

+ Inklings, Issue 12

+ Lady Windermere’s Fan

+ Cockeyed: Gems From The Memory Of A Nutty Cameraman

+ Passaic Textile Strike, The [Excerpt]

+ Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

+ Zora Neale Hurston’s Fieldwork Footage [Excerpt]

+ In the Days of Daniel Boone [Trailer]

+ Silent Flyer, The [Trailer]

+ American Venus, The [Trailer]

+ Great Gatsby, The [Trailer]

+ Beau Sabreur [Trailer]

+ Patriot, The [Trailer]