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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Hand, David

Disney, 2009

BluRay - Zone A.   viewing copy.   2 videodiscs of 2.
color.   fullscreen.   sound - DTS-HD Master Audio.  
Remastered for 5.1 Surround Sound, but with optional Restored Original Soundtrack (Mono). Supplemental features include: audio commentary by Walt Disney & John Canemaker (animation expert) made from archival recordings; “Some Day My Prince Will Come” by Tiffany Thornton (2009, 4 min); SNOW WHITE RETURNS (9 min); deleted scenes; two games. All subsequent features on Disc 2: studio introduction (12 min); featurettes on: the cinematic importance of SNOW WHITE (17 min), the studio atmosphere (2 min), writing (total 4 min), Disney’s working style (total 5 min), music (6 min), visual design (7 min), backgrounds & layouts (4 min), key animators (total 16 min), live action references (total 6 min), the “Ink and Paint” department (total 4 min), technological innovations (total 9 min), sound effects (2 min), Disney studio history (36 min), and voice talent (6 min); Galleries of: storyboard art, abandoned concepts, visual development, Gustav Tenggren, character design, color tests, backgrounds, layouts, animation art, live action reference, painted cells, publicity, and production photos; interview excerpt with Hand (1 min); interview excerpt with artist Albert Hunter (2 min); reenactments of discussions between Disney and SNOW WHITE’s writers (total 16 min); deleted scene; karaoke; interactive game; BABES IN THE WOODS (8 min); THE SKELETON DANCE (6 min); MUSIC LAND (10 min); GODDESS OF SPRING (10 min); PLAYFUL PLUTO (8 min); FLOWERS AND TREES (9 min); THE OLD MILL (9 min); STEAMBOAT WILLIE (8 min).


+ Tiffany Thornton “Some Day My Prince Will Come”

+ Babes in the Woods

+ Skeleton Dance

+ Music Land

+ Goddess of Spring

+ Playful Pluto

+ Flowers and Trees

+ Old Mill, The

+ Steamboat Willie

+ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs