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Alexander Kluge Seen Sind für Fische Inseln, Disc 11

Kluge, Alexander / Edition Filmmuseum, 2009

DVD - Region free.   viewing copy.   1 videodisc of 1.
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Disc of 14 from the set “Alexander Kluge: Seen Sind für Fische Inseln,” a collection of Kluge’s work for television. For over 400 years, musical theatre has accompanied all the virtues and flaws of modern society. Here we cover Wagner, the relationship between the earliest operas (Monteverdi, Cavalli) to the most modern (Nono, Lachenmann, Rihm) and also Mozart, an operatic doctor, a chamber singer as the user of doping substances and rarities by Portici and Bizet. Includes: THE POWER STATION OF EMOTIONS (DAS KRAFTWERK DER GEFÜHLE (1990-2007, 50 min); 80,000 OPERAS! (80 000 OPERN!) (1994-2007, 33 min); OF WHICH WE CANNOT SPEAK WE MUST SING! (WOVON MAN NICHT SPRECHEN KANN, DAVON MUß MANN SINGEN!) (1998-2006, 13 min); THE OPERA DOCTOR (DER OPERNARZT) (2007, 24 min); I LIVED FOR MY ART (DER KUNST WEIHT ICH MEIN LEBEN) (2007, 15 min). Supplemental features include: DVD Rom PDFs of writings by Kluge on theater (German only)


+ Power Station of Emotions, The

+ 80,000 Operas!

+ Of Which We Cannot Speak We Must Sing!

+ Opera Doctor, The

+ I Lived for my Art