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Golden Age Of Looney Tunes, The: Vol. 3


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color and b/w.  
Contains 70 complete Warner Brothers cartoons, restored by Turner Entertainment. Directors: Hugh Harman, Rudolph Ising, Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Bob McKimson, Tex Avery, Frank Tashlin, Bob Clampett. Side One (Harman-Ising): ONE MORE TIME; RED - HEADED BABY; PAGAN MOON; A GREAT BIG BUNCH OF YOU; THE SHANTY WHERE SANTY CLAUS LIVES; ONE STEP AHEAD OF MY SHADOW; THE DISH RAN AWAY WITH THE SPOON. Side Two (Bugs Bunny): WACKIKI WABBIT; HARE FORCE; SUPER RABBIT; HERR MEETS HARE; BUGS BUNNY AND THE THREE BEARS; STAGE DOOR CARTOON; EASTER YEGGS. Side Three (Chuck Jones): THE SQUAWKIN' HAWK; INKI AND THE MINAH BIRD; FROM HAND TO MOUSE; FIN 'N CATTY; FRESH AIREDALE; THE EAGER BEAVER; HOUSE HUNTING MICE. Side Four (Friz Freleng): PIGS IS PIGS; THE CAT'S TALE; LIGHTS FANTASTIC; DING DOG DADDY; THE WACKY WORM; PECK UP YOUR TROUBLES; RACKETEER RABBIT. Side Five (Early Avery): I WANNA BE A SAILOR; CIRCUS TODAY; AVIATION VACATION; ALOHA HOOEY; HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHTS; CRAZY CRUISE; THE CAGEY CANARY. Side Six (Frank Tashlin/Bob Clampett): LITTLE PANCHO VANILLA; BOOBY HATCHED; I GOT PLENTY OF MUTTON; FARM FROLICS; FALLING HARE; BIRDY AND THE BEAST; RUSSIAN RHAPSODY. Side Seven (Sports): FREDDIE THE FRESHMAN; BOULEVARDIER FROM THE BRONX; ALONG FLIRTATION WALK; SPORTS CHUMPIONS; Greetings Bait; Screwball Football; Baseball Bugs. Side Eight (The Evolution of Egghead): Egghead Rides Again; Count Me Out; Johnny SmiTH and Poker-Huntas; A Day at the Zoo; Believe It or Else; A Feud there Was; Confederate Honey. Side Nine (Porky and Daffy): Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur; Slightly Daffy; Ain’t that Ducky; Wagon Heels; Along Came Daffy; Nothing but the Tooth; The Up-Standing Sitter. Side Ten (Politically Incorrect): Wake Up the Gypsy in Me; He Was Her Man; Sioux Me; The Mighty Hunters; A Feather in His Hare; The Early Worm Gets the Bird; inki and the Lion.


+ Ain’t That Ducky

+ Aloha Hooey

+ Along Came Daffy

+ Along Flirtation Walk

+ Aviation Vacation

+ Baseball Bugs

+ Believe It Or Else

+ Birdy And The Beast

+ Booby Hatched

+ Boulevardier From The Bronx

+ Bugs Bunny And The Three Bears

+ Cagey Canary, The

+ Cat’s Tale, The

+ Circus Today

+ Confederate Honey

+ Count Me Out

+ Crazy Cruise

+ Daffy Duck And The Dinosaur

+ Day At The Zoo, A

+ Ding Dog Daddy

+ Dish Ran Away With the Spoon, The

+ Eager Beaver, The

+ Early Worm Gets The Bird, The

+ Easter Yeggs

+ Egghead Rides Again

+ Farm Frolics

+ Feather In His Hare, A

+ Feud There Was, A

+ Fin 'N Catty

+ Fresh Airedale

+ From Hand To Mouse

+ Greetings Bait

+ Hare Force

+ He Was Her Man

+ Holiday Highlights

+ House Hunting Mice

+ I Got Plenty Of Mutton

+ I Wanna Be A Sailor

+ Inki And The Lion

+ Inki And The Minah Bird

+ Johnny Smith And Poker-Huntas

+ Lights Fantastic

+ Little Pancho Vanilla

+ Mighty Hunters

+ Nothing But The Tooth

+ One Step Ahead Of My Shadow

+ Pagan Moon

+ Peck Up Your Troubles

+ Pigs Is Pigs

+ Screwball Football

+ Sioux Me

+ Slightly Daffy

+ Sports Chumpions

+ Squawkin’ Hawk, The

+ Stage Door Cartoon

+ Up-Standing Sitter, The

+ Wackiki Wabbit

+ Wacky Worm, The

+ Wagon Heels

+ Wake Up The Gypsy In Me

+ Falling Hare

+ Freddie The Freshman

+ Great Big Bunch Of You, A

+ Herr Meets Hare

+ One More Time

+ Red-Headed Baby

+ Russian Rhapsody

+ Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives, The

+ Super Rabbit

+ Racketeer Rabbit

+ Russian Rhapsody