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1/2", VHS, NTSC.   reference copy.  
Silent. Edison “Birth of the Movies” - no titles for individual films. Edison Collection #1 and #2 includes: IRWIN - RICE KISS (1895); OLD MAID IN A DRAWING ROOM (1900); STREET CAR CHIVALRY (1901); PACKERS ON THE TRAIL (1901); ROCKING GOLD IN THE KLONDIKE (1901); PANORAMIC VIEW OF THE WHITE PASS RAILROAD (1901); RAILROAD SMASHUP (1904). MAGIC FILMS includes: VANISHING LADY (Edison, 1898); THE MYSTIC SWING (Edison, 1900); A MYSTIC REINCARNATION (American Mutoscope, 1901); TEN LADIES IN AN UMBRELLA(George Méliès, France, 1903); THE FUGITIVE APPARITIONS (Méliès, 1904); JUPITER’S THUNDERBOLTS (Méliès, 1903); ALCOFRISBAS, THE MASTER MAGICIAN (Méliès, 1903); THE BALLET MASTER’S DREAM (Méliès, 1903); PIERROT’S PROBLEM (American Mutoscope, 1900); THE ARTIST’S DILEMMA (Edison, 1901); A DELUSION (Amer. Mutoscope, 1902); A PIPE DREAM (Amer. Mutoscope, 1905).


+ Irwin-Rice Kiss

+ Old Maid In A Drawing Room

+ Street Car Chivalry

+ Packers On The Trail

+ Rocking Gold In The Klondike

+ Panoramic View Of The White Pass Railroad

+ Railroad Smashup

+ Vanishing Lady

+ Mystic Swing, The

+ Mystic Reincarnation, A

+ Ten Ladies In An Umbrella

+ Fugitive Apparitions, The

+ Jupiter’s Thunderbolts

+ Alcofrisbas, The Master Magician

+ Ballet Master’s Dream, The

+ Pierrot’s Problem

+ Artist’s Dilemma, The

+ Delusion, A

+ Pipe Dream, A