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Original Cinema: Films Of The 1890s

various. France, USA. 1894 - 1908.

Original Cinema: Films Of The 1890s
France, USA
1894 - 1908
1 videocassette of 1.   1/2", VHS, NTSC.   viewing copy.
Compilation.   80 minutes.   b/w.   silent - no soundtrack.   fullscreen
Early Cinema
Silent. Includes: LUMIERE PROGRAM (Louis and Auguste Lumiere, France, 1885 - 1900, 21 min.): includes Workers Leaving The Lumiere Factory; Arrival Of Express At Lyons; Friendly Party In The Gardens Of Lumiere; Feeding The Baby; Boys Sailing Boats; Tuileries Garden, Paris; The Falling Wall; Baths At Milan, Italy; French Dragoons; Gondola Party; Sack Race; Military Review, Hungary; German Hussars Jumping Fences; Feeding The Swans; Boiler Loading). ANNABELLE DANCES (Edison Company, USA, 1894, 1 min.). EUGENE SANDOW (Edison Company, USA, 1896, 1 min.). FILMS OF THE 1890s (Edison Company et al., 1894 - 1899, 18 min.): includes Chinese Laundry (1894, Edison Kinetoscope film, with Robetta and Doretto); The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots (1895, Edison Kinetoscope film, directed by Alfred Clark, with Mr. R.L. Thomae as Mary); Dickson Experimental Sound Film (ca. 1895, Edison Company, directed by, and with, William K.L. Dickson); The Irwin-Rice Kiss (1896, Edison Company, from the play The Widow Jones, with May Irwin and John C. Rice); Feeding the Doves (1896, Edison Company); Morning Bath (1896, Edison Company); Burning Stables (1896, Edison Company); The Black Diamond Express (1896, Edison Company); New York Street Scenes (ca. 1897, identification uncertain); Fatima (1897, The International Film Company, identification uncertain); A Wringing Good Joke (1899, Edison Company); Dewar's Scotch Whiskey (1897, The International Film Company). EDISON COLLECTION (Edison Company, USA, 1896 - 1904, 18m) includes: The Irwin-Rice Kiss (1896); Old Maid in a Drawing Room; Street Car Chivalry (1903); Packers on the Trail (1901); Rocking Gold in the Klondike (1901); Panoramic View of the White Pass Railroad (1901); Railroad Smashup (1904); Asleep at the Switch. AN ASTRONOMER'S DREAM (Zecca, Ferdinand, France, 1898, 7 min., identification uncertain; often attributed to Melies). MIRACULOUS MOVIES OF MELIES (Georges Melies, France, 1899 - 1908) includes: The Conjurer (1899); The Vanishing Lady (1904); The Dream of an Opium Fiend (1908).