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Origins Of American Animation

various. USA. 1900 - 1921.

Origins Of American Animation
1900 - 1921
Library of Congress / Smithsonian
1 videocassette of 1.   1/2", VHS, NTSC.   viewing copy.
Compilation.   84 minutes.   b/w.   sound.   fullscreen
Early Cinema, Animation
Silent with piano score. Contains: THE ENCHANTED DRAWING (J. Stuart Blackton, Edison Co., 1900, 1 min.); FUN IN A BAKERY SHOP (Edwin S. Porter, Edison Co., 1902, 1 min.); HUMOROUS PHASES OF FUNNY FACES (Blackton, Vitagraph, 1906, 3 min.); KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES [WOMEN'S STYLES] (Harry S. Palmer, Gaumont, 1915, 3 min.); KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES [MEN'S STYLES] (Palmer, Gaumont, 1915, 3 min.); DREAMY DUD: “HE RESOLVES NOT TO SMOKE” (Wallace Carlson, Essanay, 1915, 5 min.); US FELLERS: “DUD LEAVES HOME” (Carlson, Bray, 1919, 5 min.); BOBBY BUMPS STARTS A LODGE (Earl Hurd, Bray, 1916, 5 min.); KRAZY KAT GOES A - WOOING (Leon Searl, Hearst, 1916, 2 min.); KRAZY KAT—BUGOLOGIST (Frank Moser, Hearst, 1916, 3 min.); KRAZY KAT AND IGNATZ MOUSE AT THE CIRCUS (Searl, Hearst, 1916, 3 min.); THE PHABLE OF A BUSTED ROMANCE (Raoul Barré, Hearst, 1915, 2 min.); THE PHABLE OF THE PHAT WOMAN (Barré, Hearst, 1916, 2 min.); NEVER AGAIN! “THE STORY OF A SPEEDER COP” (Barré, Hearst, 1916, 2 min.); Silent. MR. NOBODY HOLME: “HE BUYS A JITNEY” (Leon Searl, Hearst, 1916, 1 min.); MARY AND GRETEL (Howard S. Moss, Motoy/Peter Pan, 1917, 7 min.); THE DINOSAUR AND THE MISSING LINK: A PREHISTORIC TRAGEDY (Willie O'Brien, Conquest/Edison, 1917, 6 min.); W.S.S. THRIFTETTES (Felton BDF Films, 1918, 6 min.); AWOL; OR, ALL WRONG OLD LADDIEBUCK (Charles Bowers, AMP, 1919, 6 min.); THE KATZENJAMMER KIDS: “POLICY AND PIE” (Gregory La Cava, Pathe, 1918, 7 min.); fragment from GERTIE ON TOUR (Winsor McCay, Rialto, 1921, 1 min.); fragment from THE CENTAURS (McCay, Rialto, 1921, 2 min.); TONY SARG'S ALMANAC: “THE FIRST CIRCUS” (Tony Sarg & Herbert Dawley, 1921, 6 min.).