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Early Cinema: Primitives And Pioneers Vol 2

various. various. 1898 - 1910.

Early Cinema: Primitives And Pioneers Vol 2
1898 - 1910
1/2", VHS, PAL.   viewing copy.
Compilation.   105 minutes.   b/w.   sound.   fullscreen
Early Cinema
Silent with piano accompaniment. Produced by the British Film Institute with commentary by Barry Salt. Contains: HOW IT FEELS TO BE RUN OVER (Cecil Hepworth, Britain, 1900, 43 sec.); EXPLOSION OF A MOTOR CAR (Hepworth, Britain, 1900, 1:23 min.); RESCUED BY ROVER (Hepworth and Lewin Fitzhamon, Britain, 1905, 6:21 min.); THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HEDGE (Fitzhamon, Britain, 1905, 1:38 min.); THAT FATAL SNEEZE (Fitzhamon, Britain, 1905, 5:32 min.); A VISIT TO PEEK FREANS & CO.’S BISCUIT WORKS [extracts] (G. H. Cricks & J. H. Martin, Britain, 1906, 11:39 min.); A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A COALMINER (Kineto Production Co., Britain, 1910, 9:33 min.); PAR LE TROU DE SERRUE/PEEPING TOM (Pathé Frères, France, 1901, 1:42 min.); ALI BABA ET LES QUARANTE VOLEURS/ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES (Pathé Frères & Ferdinand Zecca, France, 1902/1905, 8:14 min.); REVE ET RÉALITÉ/DREAM AND REALITY (Pathé Frères & Zecca [?], France, 1901, 36 sec.); HISTOIRE D’UN CRIME (1901); THE REVOLUTION IN ODESSA (Pathé Frères & Lucien Nouguet, France, 1905, 3:35 min.); ALADIN OU LA LAMPE MERVEULLEUSE/ALADIN OR THE MARVELOUS LAMP (Pathé Frères, France, 1905, 11:38 min.); LE CHEVALLE EMBALLÉ/THE RUNAWAY HORSE (Pathé Frères & Zecca, [?] France, 1907, 6:37 min.); A NARROW ESCAPE, THE PHYSICIAN OF THE CASTLE [incomplete] (Pathé Frères, France, 1908, 5:57 min.); MAGIC BRICKS (Pathé Frères & Gaston Velle, France, 1908, 3:04 min.); DEWAR’S SCOTCH WHISKEY/DEWAR’S—IT’S SCOTCH (International Film Co, USA, 1897, 46 sec. a copy of the Edison/Porter film); THE GAY SHOE CLERK (Edison/Porter, USA, 1903, 1:12 min.); THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY (1903); DREAM OF A RAREBIT FIEND (Edison/Porter & Wallace McCutcheon, USA, 1906, 5:09 min.). PAL broadcast format videotape; can be viewed only in tri-standard viewing stations.