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Yakuza Papers: Battles Without Honor & Humanity, The

Fukasaku, Kinji

DVD - Region 1.   viewing copy.   6 videodiscs of 6.
color and b/w.   widescreen.   sound - Dolby digital monaural.  
Six discs include the five YAKUZA PAPERS films and a bonus supplemental disc, plus a pull-out viewer’s guide and 16-page booklet of critical commentary. Films include: BATTLES WITHOUT HONOR & HUMANITY (1973, 99 min.); DEADLY FIGHT IN HIROSHIMA (1973, 100 min.); PROXY WAR (1973, 102 min.); POLICE TACTICS (1974, 101 min.); FINAL EPISODE (1974, 98 min.). Supplemental disc includes: William Friedkin on the influence of Fukasaku on 1970s Hollywood action; JITSUROKU: REINVENTING A GENRE (20 min.); BORYOKU: FUKASAKU AND THE ART OF VIOLENCE; KANTOKU: REMEMBERING THE DIRECTOR; David Kaplan, Chief Investigative Reporter for US News and World Report, on the yakuza; subtitle writer Linda Hoaglund on translating Fukasaku.


+ Battles Without Honor & Humanity

+ Deadly Fight In Hiroshima

+ Proxy War

+ Police Tactics

+ Final Episode