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Labyrinth of Darkness

Barta, Jiri

Kino on Video, 2006.

DVD - Region 1.   viewing copy.   1 videodisc of 1.
color.   fullscreen.   sound - Dolby.  
Includes all eight films of Czech filmmaker Jiri Barta which combine animation of objects and puppets with live-action to fashion gothic worlds of horror and fantasy infused with humor and moral examinations. Principally with sound and music but no dialogue. Includes: A BALLAD ABOUT GREEN WOOD (1983, color, 11 min); THE CLUB OF THE LAID OFF (1989, color, 25 min); THE DESIGN (1981, color, 6 min); DISC JOCKEY (1980, color, 10 min); THE LAST THEFT (1987, color, 21 min); THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN (1985, color, 55 min); RIDDLES FOR CANDY (1978, color, 8 min); THE VANISHED WORLD OF GLOVES (1982, color, 16 min).


+ Ballad About Green Wood, A

+ Club of the Laid Off, The

+ Design, The

+ Disc Jockey

+ Last Theft, The

+ Pied Piper of Hamelin, The

+ Riddles For Candy

+ Vanished World of Gloves, The