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Mekas, Jonas

Re:Voir / Agnes B, 2012

DVD - Region free.   viewing copy.   1 videodisc of 1.
color.   fullscreen.   sound.  
The filmmaker's personal film diary covering the years 1965-1968. Film in six reels. Reel contents as follows: Reel 1: Spring in New York, Sitney, I Cut My Hair, Sunday at Stones, Tony Conrad and Beverly Grant, Bibbe Hansen, A Wedding, Adolfas Mekas, Ed Emshwiller, Frank Kuenstler, Gretchen Weinberg, Barbara Rubin, Cassis, Sitney Leaves New Haven, Brakhage Crosses Central Park, Carl Th. Dreyer, Millbrook, Timothy Leary, Baba Ram Dass, Flowers for Marie Menken, Gregory Markopoulos Shoots Galaxie, Lionel Rogosin and Louis Brigante, Mike Jacobson and P. Adams Sitney. Reel 2: Notes on the Circus, Keeping Kreplachs, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Barbara Rubin, Andy Warhol, Gerard Malanga, Hare Krishna, Jerome Hill, The Stones Cross Central Park, Sitney’s Wedding, New Year’s Eve 1966, Times Square, Barbet Schroder, An Uptown Party, Gerard Malanga, Nico, Edie Sedgwick, Jack Smith, Mario Montez, Psychiatrists’ Convention, Velvet Underground, Alexandra and Jordan. Reel 3: Naomi Levine, Ken and Flo Jacobs, Snow, Judith Malina Standing Vigil, Times Square, Central Park, Film Culture, Amy Taubin, Peace March at Night, Police Violence, Chinese New Year, Film-Makers’ Cooperative, Amy Rice, Ken Jacobs, David Brooks, Gregory Markopoulos, Storm De Hirsch, Weinbergs, Dreams of Jean Cocteau, Sitney in Central Park, Olmsted Hike. Reel 4: Christmas Eve 1968, Barbara, Ronna, Alexandra, A Visit to the Brakhages, Roscoe, Stan Goes to Town, Stan Listens to Lili Boulanger, In the Woods, Neowyn and Crystal, On the Melting Porch, Jane Cleans the Roof, It Looks Like Spring, Jane and Jonas Ride the Donkey, Stan and the Children, Jane with the Horse, Breakfast, Beaverland, I Find Rabbit Shit!, At Tabor Farm, Austin Filmmakers, Return to New York. Reel 5: Richard Foreman and Amy Taubin, One Day in Newport, Pola and Mother, A Visit to Hans Richter, Adolfas and Pola, Standish D. Lawder, Herman G. Weinberg, Central Park, Tina and Hannelore, Ray Johnson, Paul Krassner, Peter’s Wedding, Cushings, Autumn, Mel’s Children, A Trip to New Jersey, Gideon Bachman, Willard Van Dyke, Adolfas, Hella Hammid, Al Directs a Film, The German Crew. Reel 6: Wendy’s Wedding, 80 Wooster Street, Return to New York from Buffalo, Shirley Clarke, Jud Yalkut, Amy, Ernie Gehr, Sitneys, Marie Menken and Her Sister, Deep of Winter, The Village Voice, Becks, Snowstorms, Martha Menujin, Anthology, Peter Kubelka, Ken Kelman, Brakhage, Broughton, Sitney, Michael Snow, Richard Foreman, Joyce Wieland, Soho, Howard Schulman, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Bed-in in Montreal, Blake Sitney is Born, The Girl in Red. Supplemental features include: JONAS [EXCERPTS](Gideon Bachmann, 1967 / 2012, 6 min). Essay booklet available from checkout. Originally part of Jonas Mekas box set (DVD004588 - DVD004593).


+ Jonas [Excerpts]

+ Walden