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Radical Closure, Program 4: Intensive Care

Güleryüz, Hatice; Arsanios, Marwa; Hojeij, Mahmoud; Ergun, Köken; Suleiman, Elia

Video Data Bank (VDB), 2010

DVD - Region 1.   reference copy.   1 videodisc of 1.
color.   fullscreen.   sound.  
Curated by Lebanese video artist Akram Zaatari, and originally presented by the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Radical Closure features works produced in response to situations of physical or ideological closure resulting from war and territorial conflicts. The program looks at what is known as the Middle East, and how the moving image has functioned throughout its history, charged with division, political tension, and mobilization. This program presents unsettling situations narrated with both considerable emotional investment and critical distance. Disc 4 of 5. All films, or entire program, can be looped. Includes: INTENSIVE CARE (Hatice Güleryüz, 2001, 2 min); THE FIRST ONES (Güleryüz, 2000, 5 min); I’VE HEARD STORIES 1 (Marwa Arsanios, 2008, 5 min); WE WILL WIN (Mahmoud Hojeij, 2006, 8 min); I, SOLDIER (BEN ASKERIM) (Köken Ergun, 2005, 7 min); HOMAGE BY ASSASSINATION (Elia Suleiman, 1992, 28 min). Essay booklet available from checkout.


+ Intensive Care

+ First Ones, The

+ I’ve Heard Stories 1

+ We Will Win

+ I, Soldier

+ Homage by Assassination