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Quay Brothers, The: Collected Short Films

Quay Brothers

Zeitgeist Films & Syncopy, 2015

BluRay - Zone A.   viewing copy.   1 videodisc of 1.
color.   sound.  
Titles include: THE CABINET OF JAN SVANKMAJER (1984, 14 min); THIS UNNAMEABLE LITTLE BROOM (EPIC OF GILGAMESH) (1985, 11 min); STREET OF CROCODILES (1986, 21 min); REHEARSALS FOR EXTINCT ANATOMIES (1987, 14 min); STILLE NACHT I (DRAMOLET ) (1988, 2 min); THE COMB (1990, 18 min); ANAMORPHOSIS (1991, 14 min); STILLE NACHT II (ARE WE STILL MARRIED?) (1992, 3 min); STILLE NACHT III (TALES FROM VIENNA WOODS) (1993, 4 min); STILLE NACHT IV (CAN’T GO WRONG WITHOUT YOU) (1994, 4 min); IN ABSENTIA (2000, 20 min); THE PHANTOM MUSEUM (2003, 12 min); MASKA (2010, 24 min); THROUGH THE WEEPING GLASS (ON THE CONSOLATIONS OF LIFE EVERLASTING, LIMBOS & AFTERBREEZES IN THE MUTTER MUSEUM) (2011, 31 min); UNMISTAKEN HANDS (EX VOTO “F.H.”) (2013, 26 min). Supplemental features include: audio commentary by the Quays; short documentary QUAY (Christopher Nolan, UK, 2015, 8 min); booklet with essays and “A Quay Brothers Dictionary.”


+ Cabinet of Jan Svankmayer, The

+ This Unnameable Little Broom (The Epic of Gilgamesh)

+ Street of Crocodiles

+ Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies

+ Stille Nacht I (Dramolet)

+ Comb, The (From the Museums of Sleep)

+ De Artificiali Perspectiva, or Anamorphosis

+ Stille Nacht II (Are We Still Married?)

+ Stille Nacht III (Tales from Vienna Woods)

+ Stille Nacht IV (Can’t Go Wrong Without You)

+ In Absentia

+ Phantom Museum, The (Random Forays into the Vaults of Sir Henry Wellcome’s Medical Collection)

+ Maska

+ Through the Weeping Glass (On the Consolations of Life Everlasting)

+ Unmistaken Hands (Ex Voto “F.H.”)

+ Quay