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Early Cinema: Griffith & Porter

Griffith, D. W. ; Porter, Edwin S.

1/2 in., VHS, NTSC.   viewing copy.   1 videocassette of 1.
b/w.   fullscreen.   silent - no soundtrack.  
Includes: GETTING EVIDENCE (Porter, Edison Co., 1906, 12 min.); BETRAYED BY HAND PRINTS (Griffith, Biograph Co., 1908, 9 min.); THOSE AWFUL HATS (Griffith, Biograph Co., 1909, 3 min.); THE LONELY VILLA (Griffith, Biograph Co., 1909, 14 min.); THE MUSKETEERS OF PIG ALLEY (Griffith, Biograph Co., 1912, 13 min.); ONE IS BUSINESS, THE OTHER CRIME (Griffith, Biograph Co., 1912, 12 min.); AN UNSEEN ENEMY (Griffith, Biograph Co., 1912, 12 min.); THE MANIAC CHASE (Porter, Edison Co., 1904, 6 min.); OLD ISAAC THE PAWNBROKER (20 min.); A CHILD OF THE GHETTO (11 min.); MAN’S GENESIS (Griffith, 1912, 12 min.).


+ Betrayed By A Hand Print

+ Unseen Enemy, An

+ Getting Evidence

+ Maniac Chase, The

+ One Is Business, The Other Crime

+ Those Awful Hats

+ Lonely Villa, The

+ Musketeers Of Pig Alley, The

+ Old Isaac, The Pawnbroker

+ Romance Of A Jewess

+ Man’s Genesis