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Early Cinema #1


1/2 in., VHS, NTSC.   viewing copy.   1 videocassette of 1.
b/w.   fullscreen.  
Videotape includes a number of Library of Congress Paper Prints Collection titles. Includes: PULL DOWN THE CURTAINS, SUSIE (American Mutoscope & Biograph Co., cameraman: A.E. Weed, 1904, 46 sec.); UNCLE JOSH AT THE MOVING PICTURE SHOW (Edison Co., cameraman: Edwin S. Porter, 1902, 1.5 min.); WHAT HAPPENED ON TWENTY-THIRD STREET, NEW YORK CITY (Edison Co., 1901, 1 min.); CHINESE LAUNDRY (1894, Edison Kinetoscope film, with Robetta and Doretto); THE EXECUTION OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS (1895, Edison Kinetoscope film, directed by Alfred Clark, with Mr. R.L. Thomas as Mary); DICKSON EXPERIMENTAL SOUND FILM (ca. 1895, Edison Company, directed by, and with, William K.L. Dickson); THE IRWIN - RICE KISS (1896, Edison Company, from the play The Widow Jones, with May Irwin and John C. Rice); FEEDING THE DOVES (1896, Edison Company); MORNING BATH (1896, Edison Company); BURNING STABLE (1896, Edison Company); THE BLACK DIAMOND EXPRESS (1896, Edison Company); NEW YORK STREET SCENES (ca. 1897, identification uncertain); FATIMA (1897, The International Film Company, identification uncertain); A WRINGING GOOD JOKE (1899, Edison Company); DEWAR'S SCOTCH WHISKY (1897, The International Film Company); GRANDPA'S READING GLASSES (AM & B, 1902, ca. 1 min.); MR. HURRY - UP OF NEW YORK (AM & B, 1907, ca. 4m); THE TIRED TAILOR'S DREAM (AM & B, 1907, ca. 4 min.); THE SCULPTOR'S NIGHTMARE (AM & B, 1908, ca. 4 min.); EGYPTIAN FAKIR WITH DANCING MONKEY (Edison Co., A.C. Abadie, 1903, 2m); NERVY NAT KISSES THE BRIDE (Edison Co., Porter, 1904, 2m); SCARECROW PUMP (Edison Co., Porter, 1904, 1m); THE DUDE AND THE BURGLARS (AM & B, 1903, ca. 30 sec.); THE STORY THE BIOGRAPH TOLD (AM & B, 1904, ca. 2 min.); PERSONAL (AM & B, 1904, ca. 3m); THE WIDOW AND THE ONLY MAN (AM & B, 1904, ca. 5m); THE LOST CHILD (AM & B, 1904, ca., 4m.); HUMOROUS PHASES OF FUNNY FACES (Vitagraph, J. Stuart Blackton, 1906, ca. 1 min.); PRINCESS NICOTINE (Blackton, 1909); THE COUNTRY DOCTOR (D.W. Griffith, Biograph Co., 1909, ca. 11 min.); THE GYPSY'S WARNING, (Georges Melies, France, 1913, 11m).


+ Dude And The Burglars, The

+ Egyptian Fakir With Dancing Monkey

+ Grandpa’s Reading Glasses

+ Gypsy’s Warning, The

+ Scarecrow Pump

+ What Happened On 23rd Street, New York City

+ Nervy Nat Kisses The Bride

+ Burning Stable

+ Country Doctor, The

+ Dickson Experimental Sound Film

+ Pull Down The Curtains, Susie

+ Widow And The Only Man, The

+ Black Diamond Express, The

+ Chinese Laundry

+ Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey

+ Execution Of Mary Queen Of Scots, The

+ Fatima

+ Humorous Phases Of Funny Faces

+ Lost Child, The

+ Mr. Hurry-Up Of New York

+ Morning Bath

+ New York Street Scenes

+ Personal

+ Princess Nicotine; Or, A Smoke Fairy

+ Sculptor's Nightmare, The

+ Story The Biograph Told, The

+ Tired Tailor’s Dream, The

+ Uncle Josh At The Moving Picture Show

+ Wringing Good Joke, A

+ Feeding The Doves

+ Irwin-Rice Kiss