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Early Cinema #3

Porter, Edwin S.

1/2 in., VHS, NTSC.   viewing copy.   1 videocassette of 1.
b/w.   fullscreen.  
Contains: EDISON COLLECTION (Edison Company, USA, 1896 - 1904, ca. 11 min.), THE IRWIN-RICE KISS (1896); OLD MAID IN A DRAWING ROOM; STREET CAR CHIVALRY (1903); PACKERS ON THE TRAIL (1901); ROCKING GOLD IN THE KLONDIKE (1901); PANORAMIC VIEW OF THE WHITE PASS RAILROAD (1901); RAILROAD SMASHUP (1904); ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH; RUBE AND MANDY AT CONEY ISLAND (Edison Co., Edwin S. Porter, 1903, 10 min.); EUROPEAN REST CURE (Edison Co., Porter, 1904, 10 min.); GETTING EVIDENCE (Edison Co., Porter, 1906, 11 min.).


+ Old Maid In A Drawing Room

+ Street Car Chivalry

+ Packers On The Trail

+ Rocking Gold In The Klondike

+ Panoramic View Of The White Pass Railroad

+ Railroad Smashup

+ European Rest Cure

+ Getting Evidence

+ Rube And Mandy At Coney Island

+ Asleep At The Switch

+ Irwin-Rice Kiss