Colonial Imaging: Early Films from the Netherlands Film Museum

Introductions by Daan Hertogs and Nico de Klerk of the Netherlands Filmmuseum.

Saturday, November 22, 1997, 12:00am - 12:00am
A curated collection of rare early nonfiction travelogues, scenics, and actualities with live musical accompaniment by composer Sebastian Hoydts and the Friends of the Gamelan Ensemble. Screenings and Symposium discussions comprising five programs: Looking Back; In the Contact Zone: J. C. Lamster's Film Records of the Dutch East India Company; The Colonial Gaze at Home: Non-Urban Scenes from Europe and the U. S.; Films by Martin and Osa Johnson; and Home Movies from the Dutch East Indies.
Co-sponsored by Committee on Cinema and Media Studies, Doc Films, and the Consulate General of the Netherlands