Hitchcock: Emotion and Symbol

with Raymond Bellour

Thursday, October 21, 1999, 12:00am - 12:00am
Raymond Bellour is the author of several groundbreaking and influential essays on Hitchcock including: "Hitchcock: The Enunciator," "Le blocage symbolique" and "Psychosis, Neurosis, Perversion." Bellour will speak about his research, past and present, on the films of Alfred Hitchcock drawing extracts from such films as Marnie, Young and Innocent, and The Birds to address issues of theoretical importance in Hitchcock's work. As a scholar and writer, Bellour's interests lie on the one hand in romantic and contemporary literature (the Bronte sisters Ecrits de jeunesse, 1972); Henri Michaux, and on the other in cinema (Le Western, 1966; L'analyse du film, 1979). He is particularly interested in the interactions between image media - painting, photography, video, virtual images - and questions raised such as the relationship between word and image. A prolific essayist, Bellour has contributed to and edited several collections of essays including Passages de l'Image and L'Entre-Image. He acted as editor and curator of the exhibition catalog Jean'Luc Godard: son + image, 1974 - 1991, released for the retrospective of Godard's work at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Bellour is also the co-founder of the film journal Trafic.
Co-sponsored by the Committee on Cinema and Media Studies