Very Nice, Very Nice  (Lipsett,  1961)

Found Footage Films by Arthur Lipsett and Stan Brakhage: Social Criticism and Personal Despair.

with introduction by critic Fred Camper
Wednesday, June 20, 2001 - 1:00pm
The following films will be shown, all in 16mm; Camper will offer brief introductions and more detailed discussions after. Very Nice, Very Nice (1961, 7 mins.), by Arthur Lipsett 21-87 (1964, 9 mins), by Arthur Lipsett Free Fall (1964, 9 mins.), by Arthur Lipsett A Trip Down Memory Lane (1965, 12 mins.), by Arthur Lipsett Murder Psalm (1981, 17 mins.), by Stan Brakhage Lipsett was an extraordinary Canadian filmmaker who made seven films before his suicide in 1986. Using found footage, he constructs maps of social alienation that don't exclude the possibility of revelation. Stan Brakhage, the most prolific and arguable most important of avant-garde filmmakers; "Murder Psalm," one of his rare essays in the found-footage film, uses material that others take humorously for its darker implications. (FC)

Co-sponsored by Festival of the Arts and the Experimental Film Club