Sari Red (Parmar)

Outmodeling the Closet: New Film and Video by Les/Bi/Trans Women

Thursday, November 1, 2001 - 7:00pm
The Center for Gender Studies is proud to present "Art and SociChange," a film festival featuring media by women, girls and transgendered makers. Outmodeling the Closet: New Film and Video by Les/Bi/Trans Women is a vivid cross-section of queer identity from nationally and internationally emerging Les/Bi/Trans makers. Films screened: Cornflake Girl (Jennifer McGlone, 8min, 16mm) An icy Gynecologist finds out that turn about is fair play, when she realizes her intrepid patient is videotaping the exam. Annie Complex (Stacy Goldate & KJ Mohr 26min, video) Reminisce and revel in a tale of two girls vying for the coveted role of the orphan turned red-headed princess. Annie Complex is a cross-genre concoction of interviews with "Annie-generation" women, glimpses of the makers' obsessions with Andrea McArdle and the Broadway musical production, an animated dream sequence, and a good old-fashioned story of baby dyke rivalry turned sweet. I Am Your Sister (Lashambi Britton, 32min, Beta) A remarkable series of interviews with transgendered women who speak openly about their lives and transitions, demonstrating that the experience of being transgendered in the US is as diverse and complex as the individuals who live it. An important contribution to ongoing discussions about the fluidity of gender and the role of those whose gender falls outside the binary "norm." Sari Red (Twentieth Anniversary Retrospective Selection, Pratibha Palmar, 12min, 1988, video) Made in memory of Kalbinder Kaur Hayre, a young Indian woman killed in 1985 in a racist attack in England, Sari Red eloquently examines the effect of the ever-present threat of violence upon the lives of Asian women in both private and public spheres. In this moving visual poem, Palmar poses red dually as, the metaphorical spilling of blood, and the color of the sari, symbolizing sensuality and intimacy between Asian women. Erika In America (Antonia Baehr 10min, 16mm, Chicago/Berlin) Based on a performance piece of the same name, Erika in Amerika involves "the impossibility of explaining Antonia Baehr, the performer, animator, and creator of this short film... the woman whose milk is desired by all!"

Co-sponsored by Center for Gender Studies