The Basement Girl (Onodera)

Refracted Light: Reflections on Desire

Thursday, November 8, 2001 - 7:00pm
Refracted Light: Reflections on Desire A superb collection of film and video that chronicle the wishes --sublime and otherwise-- that chart and transform Life's coordinates. The Silent Love of the Fish (Vivian Sorenson, 14 min, vhs) A charming urban fairy tale about first love and fresh fish. De*fat*ting (Michelle Lewis 12:44 min, vhs) A film that slices through the hierarchy of body and beauty politics, racism, sexism and sizism exposing the role of enabling institutions ranging from TV to the Church through the tragicomic monologue of an overweight professional. This for Betsy Hall (Hope Hall 6:30 min, 16mm) Made as a gift for the filmmaker's mother, this intelligent, intimate film tells the story of a woman's struggle with an eating disorder, through the eyes of her daughter. The Basement Girl (Midi Onodera 11:40min, 16mm, Canada) Using a modified Nintendo Game Boy digital camera and the Intel Mattel computer microscope, The Basement Girl tells the story of tv's starring role in a woman's post-break-up recovery. Phallocy (Jay Sennet 2:30 min, vhs) How does a 35-year-old female-to-male transexual, who was raised as a woman and lived as a lesbian, become a man? La Ultima Aceituna/ The Last Olive (Alicia Sherson 17min, 16mm, Cuba/Chile) A modern Latin American "Bonnie and Clyde" hide out in Cuba, entertaining themselves during an extended stay in a locked hotel room. Dedos (Beatriz Antûn and Fèlix Piòuela, 9min, Beta, Spain) Fingers impersonating humans perform sports, dances and other activities in miniature sets.

Co-sponsored by Center for Gender Studies