Time and Tide, Looking at the Sea, Lodz Symphony

with filmmaker Peter Hutton

<p>Time and Tide (Hutton)</p>

Thursday, October 11, 2001, 7:00pm - 7:00pm
Over the past decades Peter Hutton has created films that are among the most elegant and lyrical in the history of American Avant-garde cinema. One of the cinema's strongest landscape artists, Hutton manages a vision of such purity that it recalls the astonished gaze of cinema's first cameramen, marveling at the film's ability to capture the world. However, Hutton's short, silent, and frequently black and white films also show sophistication and irony as they contemplate the natural and the man-made world. Like the haiku of Basho, these seemingly simple films offer lessons in the art of seeing and fashioning images, that make one wonder how anyone could produce something simultaneously so humble and so astounding. - Tom Gunning. Time and Tide (1998–2000, 16mm, 35 min.) Looking At the Sea (2000–01, 16mm, 35 min.) Lodz Symphony (1991–93, 16mm, 20 min.)