The Magic Kingdom, The Fetishist, The Moschops, and The Bats

with filmmaker Jim Trainor

<p>The Bats (Trainor)</p>

Friday, November 22, 2002, 5:00pm - 5:00pm
Using magic marker on typing paper and incorporating photo collage, Jim Trainor creates intriguing animated shorts which, as one critic noted, reveal "a quirky, original vision of human and animal nature". Trainor's film The Fetishist is based on the criminal career of William Heirens, a seventeen-year-old serial killer in 1940s Chicago (and incidentally a U.C. student!), who's obsession with women's underwear grew into an escalating series of violations. Trainor also explores the natural history film genre in The Moschops and The Bats delivering first person (or first-animal) narratives presented as faux nature documentaries. The screening also includes the premiere of Trainor's new film The Magic Kingdom a documentary "about the lemurs, monkeys and lesser apes of many lands with animated diagrams to aid our understanding of them" (artist's notes).