Seasons (Brakhage, Solomon)

The 22nd Annual Black Maria Film and Video Festival Awards Screenings

Thursday, April 10, 2003 - 7:00pm
Festival Co-Director Alvin Larkins presents selections from this year's Black Maria Festival. Started in 1981, the Festival showcases work by independent film and video makers. This year's award winners include some of the most highly respected and creative artists working today, with new works by Stan Brakhage, Leighton Pierce, Richard Reeves, Elizabeth Subrin and many others. Seasons (Stan Brakhage & Phil Solomon, 15m, 16mm) Stan Brakhage is known internationally for his prolific creative career. This is his lastest hand made, frame-by-frame work of art employing direct etching into the film emulsion itself. optically printed and illuminated by collegue Phil Solomon, the work emerges as a four part "season cycle" which is a component of a larger work. It is inspired by the colors and textures found in the woodcuts of Holusai and Hiroshige and the playfully dancing forms in the films of Robert Breer ad Len Lye. Geosophist's Tears (Peter Rose, 8m, video) Shot during a cross country trip shortly after 9/11, this experimental film ofers a meditation on the iconography of the American landscape. Pink Socks (Leighton Pierce, 4.5m, video) A haunting, painterly work shot by one of the nation's most noted experimental filmmakers. Cathedral bells toll in the distance as the camera glides across European cobblestone streets, through an archway, across a city square in an image and sound scape that resonates with tactile impressions. Well Well Well (Elizabeth Subrin) Explore the hidden erotics of office supplies in this funky experimental music video with electro-feminist-performance artists Le Tigre. Afterlife (Karen Aqua, 4m, video) Produced while the filmmaker was in recovery from breast cancer, Afterlife explores the feelings of uncertainty and fear in theface of a health crisis that occurred around the same time as 9/11. Current (Brian Doyle) A storm gathers momentum - but it's no ordinary meteorological phenomenon. Shot during a NY Yankees tickertape parade a rushing whirlwind blows thorugh abandoned streets like tumbleweed through a ghost town. 1:1 (Richard Reeves, 2.5m, 35mm) A delightfully vibrant animated film that is drawn, painted and scratched directly on the film stock. Vision Test (Wes Kim) What begins as a routine eye exam turns into an unexpected, original and provocative commentary on power, privilege and race in America. Populi (David Russo) A stylized sculptured head is the centerpiece of a symphonic odyssey through stirring landscapes in this pixelated animation. Psalm III, Night of the Meek (Phil Solomon, 23m, 16mm) The third film in a feature length sereis entitled The twilight Psalms, this work is a subtle, evening meditation on the twentieth century at closing time - a haunting 'kindertotenlied" in a night of gods and monsters. Trilogy (Bill Morrision, 12m, 35mm) A new short film from the maker of Decasia and The Story of Her.