Exile Shanghai

Sunday, December 7, 2003 - 6:00pm
Through an experimental approach that Geoffrey Heller likens to "a classical Chinese poem," Ulrike Ottinger weaves six life stories of German, Austrian, and Russian Jews which intersect in exile in Shanghai. Out of narratives, photographs, documents, and new images of the biggest and most contradictory metropolis of the Far East, an entity develops in which the historic exile takes and turns on a completely current power and appeal. (Ottinger, 1997, 275 minutes) Based in Berlin, Ulrike Ottinger gained notoriety in the mid 1970s as a fiercely independent and original experimental filmmakers. Her later features include Freak Orlando, Madame X and Joan D'Arc of Mongolia. In recent years, she has turned to more documentary based practices as in Taiga, a film about the nomads populating the rolling hills and valleys of the Mongolian steppes. In conjunction with The Renaissance Society exhibition "Ulrike Ottinger - South East Passage: A Journey to New Blank Spots on the Map of Europe."

Co-sponsored by The Renaissance Society