Growing Up

Friday, May 23, 2003 - 7:00pm
Join us for a film screening to inaugurate the University of Chicago's new Taiwanese Film Collection. As he goes through schooling, Hsiao Pi falls into bad company, causing Uncle Pi no end of trouble in trying to keep him at school and explain his actions to the school authorities. Matters come to a head and Uncle Pi must impose punishment on Hsiao Pi, who resists the old man, saying, "You are not my father!" The remark hurts his mother even more than the old man. Despondent, the mother commits suicide to atone for her son's behavior, leaving behind a note requesting Hsiao Pi to be filial to his stepfather. Hsiao Pi is struck a heavy blow and he resolves to break with his rebellious past. He enters military school. After two years, Hsiao Pi comes to the stage when hi must face a new life, and a new relationship with his stepfather. (Xiaobi de gushi, Chen Kunhou, Taiwan, 1983)

Co-sponsored by the Committee on Cinema and Media Studies, and The Center for East Asian Studies.