Home Movies

Saturday, November 15, 2003, 7:00pm - 7:00pm
A two part series on Home Movies will begin this November with a screening of home movies made by artists (in December we will be screening Home Movies by "non-professional" filmmakers). Although now in distribution, and presumably made with a wide audience in mind, these films focus on intimate events from the life of the filmmaker (i.e. a friend's wedding, the birth of a child, a reunion with friends, etc.). Descriptions from Filmmakers' Cooperative: Prothalamion (Gordon Ball, 1978, 16mm, color, silent, 4 min.) Wedding song:; friend Tom Cleveland gave me one roll of film and camera to shoot his wedding ceremony in bride's ancestral Charlotte, N.C. house rainy December's end 1977. Clouds of Glory (Gordon Ball, 1981, 16mm, color, silent, 12-1/2 min.) Last three months of Kathleen's pregnancy; first week of Daisy's life. 'the soul that rises with us, our life's star/ hath had elsewhere its setting/ and cometh from afar/ not in entire forgetfulness/ and not in utter nakedness/ but trailing clouds of glory do we come/ from God who is our home.' Wordsworth, Ode: Imitations of Immortality from 'recollections of early childhood' Is As Is (Saul Levine, n.d., 16mm, color, sound, 2 min.) A portrait of a mother with her arms full in the backyard bathing her twin babies. As if the early spring light sings and dances. Later the father cooks a fish. Memorial Day Weekend (Saul Levine, 1975, 16mm, color, , 7-1/2 min.) With Marjorie Keller, Kathy De Zengotida and Rick Needham. A portrait of a get-together of friends and comrades, a struggle with the past to be present. Paradise Not Yet Lost (a/k/a Oona's Third Year) (Jonas Mekas, 1979, 16mm, color, sound, 96-1/2 min.) Filmed in 1977, this continuation of Jonas Mekas' film diaries is dedicated to his daughter and features footage from New York, Sweden and his native Lithuania. It also includes many memorable sequences from New York, including a visit to the mother of Maya Deren (Marie Deren), Peter Kubelka's concert, and the St. Patrick's Day Parade. "[Paradise Not Yet Lost] is a letter to Oona; to serve her, some day, as a distant reminder of how the world around her looked during the third year of her life--a period of which there will be only tiny fragments left in her memory--and to provide her with a romantic's guide to the essential values of life--in a world of artificiality, commercialism, and bodily and spiritual poison." -Jonas Mekas