Shadowland (Beloff)

Shadowland and Lost

with filmmaker Zoe Beloff
Friday, February 21, 2003 - 7:00pm
Zoe Beloff works with a variety of cinematic imagery: film, stereoscopic projection, performance, and interactive media. Her work has been shown at MoMA, The New York Film Festival, and the 2002 Whitney Museum Biennial. Tonight two of Beloff's film / performance pieces will be presented: Shadowland or Light from the Other Side (2000) is a stereoscopic film based on the 1897 autobiography of Elizabeth d'Espérance, a materialization medium who could produce full body apparitions. Lost (1997) is a document of everyday life on New York's Lower East Side. In describing the work Beloff paraphrases Walter Benjamin: a spectacle not of life remembered but of life forgotten. Like dream images these cinematic fragments are hieroglyphic clues to a past illuminated at the very moment of its disappearance.

This program is presented in conjuction with Chicago Filmmakers and The Gene Siskel Film Center.