23rd Annual Black Maria Film and Video Festival

Friday, May 21, 2004 - 7:00pm
This traveling festival tours to over 50 sites throughout the U.S. and includes recent international film and video work chosen by a prestiges group of judges including Henriette Huldisch (Curatorial Coordinator of Film and Video at the Whitney) and Robert Haller (Director of Collections and Special Projects at Anthology Film Archives). The tentative program for Friday night is as follows: Total Runtime: 153 min A Private Happiness (Leighton Pierce, Iowa City, IA, 10 min.) Cubica (M. Ash, Vienna, Austria, 4 min.) Chopin's Bicycle (Eric Dyer, Baltimore, MD, 5 min.) Zeno's Paradox (Robert Arnold, Jamiaca Plain, MA, 5 min.) Sirens (Nadia Hironaka, Philadelphia, PA, 10 min.) Three Vignette Suite (Kevin Everson, Charlottesville, VA, 12 min.) ID (Mara Mattuschka, Austria, 10 min.) Confessions of a Sociopath (Joe Gibbons, Malden, MA, 35 min.) Bacon (Hugo Marmugi, Downington, PA, 1 min.) Overpass (Alan Price, Baltimore, MD, 7 min.) Five AM (Michael Van Bakel, the Netherlands, 1 min.) N-Judah 5:30 (Sam Green, San Francisco, CA, 3 min.) Free Spectra (Seokhan Ryu, Dale City, CA, 5 min.) Buildings + Grounds (Ken Kobland, New York, NY, 45 min.)