The Adventures of Felix

Friday, January 21, 2005 - 7:00pm

The second feature directed by Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, The Adventures of Felix (Drôle de Félix, 2000), shifts from the musical to the "road trip" genre, following the gay HIV+ Arab Frenchman Felix as he hitchhikes from Dieppe, on the northwestern coast of France, to the southern port city of Marseilles in search of his long lost Arab father. Along the way he encounters a range of people, from a gay youth longing to escape the restrictions of life in Chartres to a grandmother who wants to adopt him and a hot truckdriver eager to establish a different sort of relationship with him. He also witnesses the brutal beating and murder of an Arab immigrant, an experience which shadows his entire journey and shapes its meditation on race, immigration, French nationalism, and queer subjectivity.

The film won two awards at the 2000 Berlin Film Festival and was nominated for the Grand Prix at the 2000 Paris Film Festival.

The Adventures of Felix (Drôle de Félix, 2000, 35mm print)