Besides Identity: Jose Padilla, Latinos and the War on Terrorism

Lecture by Frances Negron-Mutaner
Friday, February 18, 2005 - 5:00pm
Brooklyn born boricua player and convert to Islam who traveled widely throughout the Middle East and Pakistan, the "dirty bomber" suspect calls himself Abdullah al Muhajir. From the moment of his arrest in Chicago after 9/11, he has been locked up in a Navy Brig without charges and without access to an attorney. In this talk, Negron-Mutaner will discuss how Jose Padilla's case has served as a social experiment in how extensively the state and the media can use fears and stereotypes of Latinos and Arabs to gain popular consent to violate citizenship rights at home and abroad. Frances Negron-Mutaner is an independent filmmaker and Assistant Professor at Columbia University, Department of English and Comparative Literature.