La Cicatrice Intèrieure (Garrel, 1972)

French Experimental Film

with Pip Chodorov
Friday, April 8, 2005 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Filmmaker Pip Chodorov presents a brief overview from the past 35 years of French experimental film: Terminus for You "The Paris metro appeared at the same time as cinema. Its moving sidewalks, its regularly spaced posters and its animated characters are here seen as a metaphor for cinema, and the decomposition of the film material reminds us that all is illusory, all is grain and light." -Pip Chodorov (Nicolas Rey, 10min, 1996) La Femme qui se Poudre "Bokanowski's experiments attempt to open the art of film up to other possibilities of expression, for example by 'warping' his camera lens (he prefers the term 'subjective' to 'objective' - the French word for 'lens'), thus testifying to a purely mental vision, unconcerned with film's conventional representations, affecting and metamorphosing reality, and thereby offering to the viewer of his films new adventures in perception."- Pierre Coulibeuf (Patrick Bokanowski, 35mm, 18 min, 1972) Copacabana Beach Daily life at the Copacabana Beach--the body, soccer, Carmen Miranda. Rhythms, attitudes and tropical light. (Vivian Ostrovsky, 10 min, 1982) Japon Series Artist Fontaine works directly with the film material, cementing cut-up images and other material to the strip. (Cecile Fontaine, 7 min, 1991) Impromptu (Rose Lowder, 8 min, 1989) Quiproquo (Rose Lowder, 13 min, 1992) Les Coquelicots (Rose Lowder, 3 min, 2000) "My films are determined by very precise ideas about film, but also by the places I find, the weather, my free time. It is very rare when all these elements come together and the results work the way I want them to. In these tests I manage through my weaving techniquesäI have to do many more tests to get exactly what I want. It is worth sharing these attempts as a document of my techniques." -Rose Lowder The Song of Rio Jim A Western found not in the image but in the sound. (Maurice Lemaitre, 6 min, 1978) La Cicatrice Interieure Starring Nico (The Velvet Underground), Phillipe Garrel, Pierre Clementi and Ari Delon. An exploration of emotional dynamics. Bringing imagery from the Pompier painters, Ingres and the Symbolist tradition to the desert in Egypt, New Mexico, Iceland, and Italy. "You must not look at this film and ask yourself questions, you must look at it in the same way as you might enjoy walking through the desert." -Phillipe Garrel (Philippe Garrel, 60 min, 35mm, 1972)