Ki Ki Xi Le (Mountain Patrol)

Sunday, April 10, 2005 - 8:00pm

As Lu Chuan's second feature film, Ke Ke Xi Li adopts a style distinct from his music-video-like restlessness in The Missing Gun (2002). A stoic and visually stunning film, Ke Ke Xi Li is shot on location at remote Hoh Kil (Kekexili) region, at a height of around 4,600 across the borders of Western China, Tibet and Uygur. The film follows Beijing photojournalist Ga Yu (Zhang Lei) to the Tibetan-Qinghai region to do a story on a volunteer mountain patrol working against the antelope poachers in the region. He teams up with Ritai (Tibetan actor Tobgyal), the leader of the patrol, who takes him out on one of their missions after they receive information on the whereabouts of the poachers. As they travel through the wilderness tracking their phantom like quarry, the mission is put in a different perspective with a more difficult story of survival. (China - Hong Kong, 2004, 95 minutes)