Magic Lantern Presents The Comedy Show, Part One (in Eight Parts)

<p>Mary Worth (2001)</p>

Friday, November 18, 2005, 8:00pm - 8:00pm

B: EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA WHO-HO-HO-HA-HA-HA (laughter trails off into tears)
Get it? No? Well, let me explain - historically, the Avant-Garde hasn't been known for its ribald sense of humor, and so by invoking a normative mode of American joke-telling with the words "experimental cinema" as an abbreviated punch line, the humorist engages in a sideways critique of... Aww fugedaboudit. Suffice to say that Magic Lantern is delivering the comedy straight to your funny bone - in no short order, we've got Zany Educational Films, Bears and Nonsense, Bittersweet Blow-Up Doll Tears of Joy, Droll British Street Scenes, Funny Page Funnies, Drag Hippy Re-Enactments of Ex-President's Daughter's Weddings, and So Much More. Seriously - no, not seriously - no, seriously...

What's Wrong With This Picture, Part 1 by Owen Land (5m, 16mm, 1972)
Fluke by Emily Breer (7m, 16mm, 1985)
Hold Me While I'm Naked by George Kuchar (15m, 16mm, 1966)
The Girl Chewing Gum by John Smith (12m, 16mm, 1976)
Pinball Laffs by Heather McAdams (4m, 16mm, 1986)
Mary Worth by Various Directors from Milwaukee (15m, 16mm, 2001)
What's Wrong With This Picture, Part 2 by Owen Land (5m, 16mm, 1972)
Tricia's Wedding by The Cockettes (33m, 16mm, 1971)

Magic Lantern is a thematically-curated experimental film/video screening series from the industrial wilds of Providence, Rhode Island. Organized by filmmaker Ben Russell.

Co-sponsored by Rhode Island State Council for the Arts and the Forbes Center of Brown University.