Armchair Explorations -- Travel the world without leaving Chicago!

Friday, November 3, 2006 - 4:30pm
When eccentric philanthropists and very pale scientists make strange bedfellows. During the twenties and thirties, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History brought together rich eccentrics and scientists to film exotic locales, peoples and animals from around the world. These films were used for public programming and would often be accompanied by lantern slide lectures, taxidermic specimens and dioramas. Some seventy years later the Film Studies Center and the Field Museum has restored many of these rare prints. Come join us in watching a series of awesome views from the following Museum-led expedition films: Egypt (Pratt, 1921) Kish, Iraq (Field 1928) Jungle Islands (Cutting, 1929) Around the World - Races of Mankind (Grimson, 1932) Lantern slides that were made for the Museum's Saturday matinee series may be shown. Curated by CMS graduate student Theresa Scandiffio.