Scopitones and Other Delights

presented by Nick Osborn
Friday, October 26, 2007 - 4:00pm
Created in 1950's France and produced in the US through the 1960's, the short-lived Scopitone was the pop music video of its day. Films were created to play on coin-operated 'jukeboxes' situated in bars and clubs offering patrons a selection of musical numbers. From country & western to psychedelic pop, the Scopitone company attracted aspiring young singing stars to their film studio: Francoise Hardy, Neil Sedaka, Dick and Dee Dee all performed their hits for the camera. Even Robert Altman took a turn directing for a Herb Alpert number. Campy by any standard, these films offer a glimpse of 'cool' singers belting out their heart-felt sentiments on oddly decorated Technicolor sets populated by wiggling bikini-clad women. This screening will make even the hardened cinephile gasp with delight! Assorted 16mm Technicolor and Eastmancolor prints from the collection of Nick Osborn.